How SportsIcon Will Connect Fans with Their Sports Heroes Using NFTS

The demand for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is alive and burning as consumers, artists, content creators, and big financial players take note of its potential to transform and take market share from industries worth billions. The entertainment and the sports sector have been one of the fastest to embrace this technology and lead into a world of countless possibilities.

SportsIcon and their ultimate NFT blockchain for sports offer users a unique way to connect with iconic athletes. The platform has been designed to offer fans and super fans a direct connection to their sports heroes via content with cinematic quality.

Oriented on telling the story of an athlete, their highs and lows, achievements, and failures, everything behind their incredible sports career. In that way, the fans will be able to acquire never-before-seen content on their hero’s life and careers in the form of an NFT.

As part of SportsIcon’s unique model, every athlete on the platform will be able to curate their own collection composed of 27 NFTs. Each one can be split into 9 different chapters of their careers with increase rarity as it moves up the life of the sports figures.

SportsIcon it’s a one-of-a-kind platform with a design, a purpose, objectives, and a mission conceived specifically to onboard millions of sports fans with a demand to access content on their heroes and become part of a community.

It’s the next phase in sports and entertainment and will be deployed by auctioning over 20 NFTs, designed in partnership with outstanding athletes, to celebrate some of the most important and historic moments of their careers.

SportsIcon, A Platform to Include All Sports Fans With A Gasless Model

Deployed on the state-of-the-art Flow blockchain, the NBA Top Shot-backed blockchain network especially designed for NFTs by Dapper Labs and its CEO Roham Gharegozlou, SportsIcon is one of the most scalable and accessible platforms on the space.

Unlike other networks, such as Ethereum, where users have been effectively priced out of the platform, SportsIcon has a virtually gasless model. This will allow fans from everywhere in the world to own a unique asset to commemorate the career of their favorite athletes.

In that way, anyone holding one of SportsIcon NFTs will benefit from the scarcity of the content. The platform attempts to develop a relationship with the participant athletes from many of the different disciplines that will be available on the platform from MMA, basketball, to tennis, soccer, baseball, and others.

SportsIcon, The Ideal Platform For NFTs To Thrive?

SportsIcon has partnered with the biggest names within and outside the crypto industry. The platform has managed to attract the attention of Pumas, a Mexico-based football team supported by sports giants like Nike, EA Sports, Coca-Cola, rap legend Nasir “Nas” bin Olu Dara Jones.

Within the sports industry, ex-key figures in the NBA like Andrew Bogut and Nihal Mehta support the SportsIcon amongst many others.

The platform is getting ready to launch an IDO in Q4, 2021, as it continues to expand. More details about the offer will be revealed via their official channels.

Chris Worsey, Founder of SportsIcon claimed the following on the platform future and its capacity to transform the sports entertainment industry and give people something exceptional from their beloved heroes:

The coming decade will be remembered as the Age of Digitization, and as if often the case with technological innovations, it will be led by the sports industry. NFTs provides the most passionate fans (the ability) to own a unique piece of sporting history in a manner previously unavailable.