Introducing Secretum, the World’s Next Big Thing in NFT Trading

  • Secretum is a game changer in secure messaging and NFT trading.
  • Secretum is built on the Solana Network.
  • Secretum has unique features that make it one-of-a-kind.

Secretum, a state-of-the-art and highly reliable blockchain-based platform, is the world’s first and only encrypted messaging and OTC trading app. Built on the Solana network, Secretum enables non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to be stored and traded quickly and safely, at a minimal cost.

With Secretum, users directly trade NFT and crypto through an integrated escrow smart contract functionality that lets them find NFT assets owned by other wallets. This in turn opens up a door of opportunities for NFT trading. Exchanges will not be a necessity, therefore boosting the liquidity level of the NFT market.

Moreover, security and anonymity are some of the features unique to Secretum. Users can communicate and trade with each other without having to know one another. Also, with its high-security NFT and file storage on a distributed node network, data leaks and hacking are eliminated.

Meanwhile, Secretum’s use of the Solana blockchain serves as a turning point for the NFT market. Solana’s transaction fees are extremely lower than Ethereum’s, NFT collectors can save more and significantly increase their trading activities at almost no extra cost.

When it comes to transaction speed, Solana is one of the top players. Having 65,000 transactions per second, it can handle a massive amount of NFT exchanges without any delay.

Recently in July 2021, Neon Labs announced the implementation of a cross-chain Ethereum Virtual Machine on the Solana testnet. Consequently, Secretum can leverage the speed of cost advantages of Solana with the pervasiveness of Ethereum-based apps and NFTs.

Furthermore, users see Secretum’s one-of-a-kind capabilities and technology as huge breakthroughs for the NFT market and secure messaging.