Michael Saylor Says “Bitcoin Is Hope For Turkey”

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  • Michael Saylor says Bitcoin is hope for Turkey.
  • The power of Bitcoin can reverse the damage and revitalize Turkey’s economy.

Bitcoin inspirations and sentiments are not yet on a flat tire. Co-Founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor has opined that Bitcoin is the only hope for Turkey.

His sentiments follow the concurrent crisis that Turkey’s currency is facing, which is posing a serious threat to the country’s economy. Citing from the additions of what Saylor said, the Turkish lira has lost a third part of its value since March till now, with consecutive declines for nine years. This is heavily exposing the huge downsides of the Turkish currency.

To improve the currency’s versatility and dominance, Saylor mentioned that conversion from TRY to USD can only slow down the collapse, but it can’t totally solve the issue. For this reason, adopting the power of Bitcoin (BTC) can completely reverse the damage caused and revitalize the economy with a more propelling outcome.

Expanding further, Saylor’s Bitcoin recommendation to Turkey clearly shows that he is eagerly promoting BTC’s adoption to the mainstream. Saylor is a die-hard fan of BTC. Consecutively, he has been tweeting about crypto, particularly Bitcoin under his keypads of late. This said, he even dubs himself as a crypto-guru.

On the other hand, what Saylor said to Turkey about BTC is in line with his recent statement that “Bitcoin is hope for Canada.”