; “Influencer Marketing 2.0” Platform Launched Airdrop and Whitelist Campaigns




The world’s first “Programmatic Promotion Marketplace” Promodex has started the fundraising stages. Utility token of Promodex platform $PROMO will be sold in 5 stages from Seed to Public Sale. Nowadays, the project has started a “Private Sale Whitelist & Exclusive Offers (for influencers)” campaign followed by “All Time AIRDROP & REWARD” campaign distributing 500.000 USD worth of $PROMO token.

​​With innovative services, user-friendly infrastructure, Promodex is a blockchain-based, the first “Programmatic Promotion Marketplace” platform that seamlessly connects businesses, brands, projects, and startups with influencers in social media platforms, bounty hunting followers, and digital publishers of all sizes. After meticulous planning and market analysis, Promodex has come up with the initial token sale stages, presenting a paradigm-shifting innovation in the cryptocurrency market. Programmatic Promotion Marketplace

Today, there is no influencer marketplace having a programmatic campaign launch. On the other hand, Promodex provides a platform that any brand or project owner can launch a promotion campaign for the participation of many promoters simultaneously.

To ensure a smooth process and effective service delivery, Promodex launches $PROMO as a utility token. $PROMO token acts for enabling interaction and facilitating transactions for the services on the platform. It grants holders several benefits:




  • Discount on platform service fees,
  • Additional rewards for DeFi-related activities such as staking,
  • Privileges at airdrop and bounty campaigns launched on the platform,
  • Bonus for referrals,
  • Rewards for loyalty and activity on the platform.

Promodex started the “Seed Round” participation demand on 27th October 2021 and ended on 15th November 2021. Promodex received 7 fold participation demand for 1,8M of $PROMO token which is 2% of the total supply.

Due to the limited availability of PROMO tokens allocated for the seed fund, Promodex couldn’t meet all the purchase demands. So Promodex successfully raised 216,000 USD on the seed round.

Airdrop for all participants

Promodex started an “All Time AIRDROP & REWARD” campaign distributing 500.000 USD worth of $PROMO token. You can see the top prizes for leaderboard and lucky draw.

  • Leaderboard Prizes for Top 225 entry points of participants

1st-$5,000, 2nd – $2,500, 3rd-$1,000 

  • Lucky Draw Prizes for lucky 25 participants

1st-$5,000, 2nd – $2,500, 3rd-$1,000 

  • Qualified Participant Prize

All participants completed all actions get 10 USD equivalent of PROMO 

  • All Participants Prize

All participants completed at least one action will have exclusive offers

Whitelist For Influencers

Now, Promodex launches a “Private Sale Whitelist & Exclusive Offers (for influencers)” for the exclusive group of influencers, publishers, bloggers on 18th November 2021 ends 05th January 2022. 1% of total token supply, 9M PROMO token is allocated for this exclusive group with an expected fundraise of 162,000 USD. Private holders will receive the tokens at 0,018 USD, at around 14% discounted price compared to the public sale price. The personal purchase limits (personal cap) for the private sale are minimum 250 USD and maximum 1,000 USD. The target profiles of the private sale are influencers, bloggers, publishers of all sizes enrolled on “Private Sale Whitelist & Exclusive Offers (for influencers)” campaign.

There is a limited vesting period for the tokens purchased at Private sale. According to the release schedule 20% of the tokens will be released at TGE then every 20% will be unlocked in four release events every three months.

For this purpose, Promodex launches the whitelist campaign on Gleam. Whoever wants to participate in the private sale have to complete the “Private Sale Whitelist & Exclusive Offers (for influencers)” campaign actions by the end.

We realize that it is quite promising when a project receives influencers support in crypto space. What do you think if thousands of influencers are at the heart of a project as primary associates? So, don’t miss this opportunity to register for the private sale and invest in one of the most promising projects of 2021.