Small U.S. City Installs First Government-Backed Crypto ATM In Airport

Williston, a small city with just over 27,000 residents – as of 2019, is making strides in the $2.5 trillion cryptocurrency world. The city has announced a partnership with crypto services company Coin Cloud to install a crypto ATM as its airport.

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Coin Cloud has installed over 4000 Digital Currency Machines (DCM) in the U.S. and Brazil. It also provides non-custodial digital wallet services for customers to manage their digital assets. Additionally, customers can easily buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 40 other digital currencies with cash.

This Williston DCM installation would allow anyone passing through to perform crypto transactions from their digital wallets.

In May, Williston partnered with Bitpay to enable residents to pay their utility bills using digital currencies.

Crypto ATM At Williston Basin International Airport

According to the announcement, the ATM installation at the Williston airport would be the first government-hosted one. It is also the first Coin Cloud installation in an airport.

Hercules Cummings, the Finance Director for the City of Williston, explained that this is a way to engage the public towards cryptocurrency. And it also plays an important role in building the digital ecosystem of Williston. He further said that the city is “creating a successful road map for the public to embrace cryptocurrency.” It is doing this by accepting digital currency payments from residents, and now, with a municipal-hosted DCM.
“Although we are a smaller rural community, we are making an impact. Taking this small step may pave the way for other government and commercial entities to follow suit.”

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The airport crypto ATM would be especially useful to the unbanked, those without access to traditional financial services. Travelers and non-travelers would have access to buy and sell over 40 cryptocurrencies with cash. They can also use the DCM to withdraw from their digital wallets.

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The City of Williston, however, does not manage any crypto transactions. Instead, DCM operator Coin Cloud handles them. “The main objective behind this DCM is to bridge public curiosity to acceptance and portfolio adoption of a growing asset class,” explained Cummings. He also said explained the advantages of the DCM. Firstly, using the ATM means that no transaction is directly tied to the customer’s bank. There are also no recognizable charges, according to him.

Coin Cloud CEO Chris McAlary expressed his excitement to move into the travel sector, describing the installation as historic.

Williston Embrases Crypto

The city’s most recent move further strengthens its aim to get residents to embrace crypto. Williston began accepting cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as payment for utility bills earlier this year.

According to Cummings, Williston was the first municipality in North Dakota and the third in the U.S. to offer that service. The city also added other payment options like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and pay-by-text.
Cummings said that Williston is willing to embrace technological changes, transformation, and innovation.

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