WAM.App: First Play-to-Earn Hyper-Casual Gaming Platform

The WAM Tokens are designed to play a pivotal role in the functionality of the ecosystem, as users can earn rewards through it.

Since it was launched in February 2021, WAM.App has been changing the narrative for many people around the world as a hyper-casual Play-to-Earn gaming platform. Since its public Beta went live, WAM.App reached over 2.5 million players within the first 2 months as people saw its unique potential. Thus far, as many as 10,000 player tournaments have been initiated with a total player base of more than 3.5 million people.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem is evolving at a fast pace, and the emergence of Decentralized Gaming protocols or Play-2-Earn games is becoming the new trend. While there seem to be many proliferating today, WAM.App has been in the space for more than 10 months, after Digitap, the gaming startup that developed the application raised a traditional pre-seed round of $350,000 for WAM.app back in November 2020 at a $3 million pre-money valuation.

The WAM.App gaming platform is mobile friendly and is available on all mobile devices as the app is hosted on both the Android PlayStore as well as the Apple AppStore. Thus far, the game has been downloaded more than 180,000 times. The headstart and strides the game showcased since inception has earned it a place as a nominated finalist at this year’s Mobile Games Awards in an impressive lineup of companies including Niantic and Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.

WAM.App in Operation

WAM.App is an engaging game that lets anyone play either casual or its collection of hyper-casual games. The app’s library also consists of other games including sports games, brainteasers, board, and card games as well as puzzles and arcades. The protocol sees continuous development and the addition of more titles per time.

On WAM.App, all players can:

  • participate in tournaments to win rewards in WAM Coins
  • create their own games with AI-assisted technology using their phones
  • trade NFTs won in specific tournaments on the marketplace
  • build their player profile by winning tournaments
  • grow an audience of fans to engage with them through custom tournaments

The game creation feature is more or less a Do-it-Yourself feature and the games users create can be shared with family and friends who may wish to play such games. The protocol is still developing its token, however, users can currently earn rewards in the form of XP which can be used to redeem WAM tokens after the latter is launched in December.

Behind the WAM.App Ecosystem’s Functionality

The WAM Tokens are designed to play a pivotal role in the functionality of the ecosystem, as users can earn rewards through it. Through the WAM Tokens, game creators can access the game design portal while users will be able to earn it in private and public tournaments. The token’s utility has been extended and will permit users to buy digital goods and Non-Fungible Tokens from the marketplace in the near future.

Ahead of the scheduled TGE in December, WAM.App is currently doing a giveaway of 1,000,000 WAM tokens which are accessible to users via this link.

The WAM.App platform has a very experienced team behind it and is also a prominent factor in the unique functionality of the WAM.App ecosystem. For interested players who wish to learn more about the game, it has a detailed Whitepaper that can be used as a reference and being a member of its growing community on Telegram, Twitter and Discord can also give new users an insight into the tenets the protocols hold dear.

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