AVAX, EGLD and IMX Smash New ATH, Analyst Bullish in 2022

  • AVAX, EGLD, and IMX record new ATH.
  • Analyst remain bullish in 2022.

The crypto world never fails to surprise its community. This time, altcoins are taking center stage as they fly so high towards the moon. In detail, Avalanche (AVAX), Elrond (EGLD), and Immutable X (IMX) took the crypto market by storm as they successfully recorded a new all-time high (ATH) in the past 24-hours.

At the time of writing, AVAX trades at a price of $118.90, while EGLD rocket-high its price to over $340.85. IMX joins these cryptos at $8 per crypto. The trading prices that these cryptos right now possess belong to the ATH positions. As a result, these digital assets are now being watched carefully by investors and traders worldwide.

This made Lark Davis, a crypto analyst react in a tweet post:  

Lark stated in the post that he believes that next year, 2022, the crypto market will continue to remain bullish with a shorter bearish position. “I believe that the crypto will continue to be very bullish well into 2022, with lots of volatility. After which we see a big bear market, but one that is shallower and much shorter than the 2018 bear, he said.”

On the other hand, AVAX, EGLD, and IMX are just some of the virtual assets in space that are now surging. In fact, there are many potential digital assets right now in the market that are gearing to boost anytime soon. But of course, never forget BTC, the king of crypto, which is now also in place to advance its position further.

With all these achievements in the space, we can say that the crypto world is now closer than ever to dominate the world’s financial economy.