“Bitcoin Cures Cancer” Here’s Why Elon Musk is Mocking BTC Again


Prashant Jha

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Elon Musk is well known for his Twitter antics because of which he is often referred to as the “richest troll” out there. The latest in the series of his outlandish meme tweets brought the discussion back to Bitcoin where Musk mockingly responded to one user that “Bitcoin cures cancer.” It all started with Musk sharing a Meme about the olden days with the caption “Not a cellphone in sight…. Just people living in the moment”

One of the users replied to the meme with another sarcastic comment claiming “Bitcoin can fix this,” which seemed to have caught Musk’s attention and he mockingly responded with “Bitcoin Cures Cancer.”

Musk’s Twitter antics are quite popular so much so that it has cost a few legal actions and fines from the authorities given his tweets have been often responsible for moving the market. While Musk seems to have lost that influence lately as he failed to pump Dogecoin on several occasions, but people are still wary of his capabilities.

Elon Musk is Anti Bitcoin Maximalism?

Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin in May this year and followed it up with an announcement that the case company would start accepting BTC payments. However, just a few days after Musk withdrew the plan claiming environmental concerns. This triggered a wave of negative reactions from the Bitcoin community who were adamant about proving Musk wrong. As a result, Bitcoin proponents were often seen arguing with Musk on Twitter while tech billionaires continued to make a mockery out of the top cryptocurrency and its supporters.

Musk became a Bitcoin villain overnight and many believed Tesla might sell their BTC. However, the B-Word conference changed the market sentiment again as Musk made it clear that Tesla still holds over $1 billion in BTC and also laid out plans to restart the BTC payment option. Thus, it seems Musk is more of anti-Bitcoin maximalism rather than anti-Bitcoin.


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