MinePlex MarketPlace Shaves Prices Off Gadgets Using Commodity Staking

  • MinePlex crypto bank launches its commodity staking function.
  • Users of its native CrossFi decentralized asset marketplace will have access.
  • With this, users can purchase electronics and gadgets at lower rates.

The MinePlex crypto bank has announced the launch of the innovative commodity staking function for users of its native CrossFi decentralized assets marketplace. This gives them the chance to purchase electronics and gadgets at significantly reduced prices.

In an email correspondence with CoinQuora, the company said that the new commodity staking function introduced by MinePlex is aimed at giving users the opportunity to purchase a variety of gadgets and electronics for as much as 90% off the original price tag.

The new function relies on the application of decentralized financial solutions and entails the use of digital currencies as leverage to avoid bank loans. By staking the MinePlex crypto bank’s native MINE tokens, users can purchase products and receive them at the end of a set staking period.

The latter is determined by the amount of pledged assets and the contribution from the original price of the product users wish to buy. Staking terms are calculated in minute-based blocks with the percentage of the product’s price calculated in relative minutes.

Alexander Mamasidikov, CEO of MinePlex, commented on the launch:

The commodity staking feature is an excellent financial alternative to credit loans, which result in higher-end prices. Our model, instead, provides a zero-fee alternative to loans on products with a relatively available commodity – time – which is quite valuable in crypto space when it comes to staking yields.

MinePlex provides a wide range of services embedded into the MinePlex CrossFi Marketplace, making it a convenient and value-added venue for both holders of digital currencies and newcomers in the crypto space.

The integration of the native MinePlex Banking application and MinePlex Wallet further simplifies the use of the marketplace by streamlining transfers and monitoring of plexus pools, transaction histories, and market dynamics of PLEX and MINE token prices.

Given the continued increase in prices on electronics and other commodities worldwide in light of the ongoing global economic situation, the MinePlex development team believes that the launch of the new-gen mobile crypto bank is necessary to help users onboard into the world of digital currencies.

With its native liquid token and holistic application, MinePlex gives users access to a reliable mobile crypto bank application for instant use of digital currencies globally in everyday transactions with value generation and real-time asset management.