NFT Reborn – an innovative platform for the reborn of NFT art objects

NFT Reborn is an innovative NFT art object platform whose users can use artificial intelligence to rebuild their NFTs into more valuable and attractive pieces for potential buyers.  In other words, it’s a place, where the second life is granted to any NFT artwork by its reborn.


Now that the market is oversaturated with the sheer number of NFTs produced every day, both project creators not getting the demand they need for their collections and investors whose NFTs don’t even recoup the cost of their creation are simultaneously taking a loss from this. 

The NFT Reborn platform based on Binance Smart Chain provides a solution to this problem by creating a Platform which is aimed at ensuring an artwork its second life via the renovation or, as team call it, a rebirth.


Artificial intelligence NFT Reborn, after users upload their NFT, uses an algorithm to determine its rating on parameters such as:

  • Number of sales/purchases of the object on primary and secondary markets.
  • Average selling price of artwork.
  • Volume of the secondary market (at the time of the sale).
  • Sale intervals.
  • Name of the author.
  • Number of mentions on the Internet.
  • Which marketplaces the artwork was allocated before.

On the basis of this rating, the AI defines the number of RBRN tokens required for an artwork’s or a collection’s rebirth.

Thus, the second life of the artwork on the NFT Reborn Platform is obtained in the sequence shown below:

  • Connecting your wallet and accepting an artwork, i.e. NFT object. 
  • Running the NFT through the recognition algorithms based on AI and obtaining all necessary information.
  • Assigning the Rating and determining the number of tokens required for the future rebirth.
  • Sending the NFT to the address in the smart contract with no access keys (burning).
  • Applying filters* via AI software, showing its preview to the user. Submitting all necessary information about the new artwork by the user.
  • Sending the reborn unique NFT art object created according to the actual trends and processed by AI software filters, supported by 3 unique indicators, and an inscription “LIMITED EDITION #” to the user. 

*Filters are based on the latest trends and could be some colour solutions in Sierra Blue style, frames, backgrounds or some exclusive copyrighted AI solution. 

After its rebirth, each NTF object is assigned three unique indicators as follows:

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Rarity
  3. Serial Number (#)

As a result, the user gets a reborn NFT object with some parameters which work as triggers for the future trades and after revival the obtained NFT can be sold on any trading platform.

The number available on the NFT Reborn platform is limited to 10,000, whether additional editions will be released will be decided by the project’s community. 

The platform operates on a BEP-20 $RBRN service token with a total supply of $10,000,000,000 $RBRN. A deflationary scenario is in place to maintain the long-term value of the token:

  • 50% of the $RBRN received from users is burned quarterly
  • 50% of the $RBRN received from users goes into reserve and is also used for airdrop.

On November 11, the NFT Reborn team launched its first private sales round. Users can apply for participation on the project website.

Information on further sales rounds will be on the official website and Telegram

Learn more about the project on the official resources:


Telegram: Twitter:


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