Panther Protocol Joins Forces With Velas To Deliver Blazing Fast Private DeFi Experience

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Panther protocol and Velas today, have joined forces in a strategic partnership. This partnership involves Panther protocol, which is an end-to-end privacy solution layer for web3, decentralized Finance, and Velas, an EVM/eBPF hybrid chain offering about 75,000 TPS for DApps that require so much speed and scale.

Velas is offering EVM compatibility and strong support to its users although it is based on Solana. All the more, it is building an open-source blockchain world of services and products which include Vaults, accounts, and wallets. This allows users to enjoy flawless and instant transactions at a very low cost.

Velas’ mission is to generate and integrate world-changing technology products and services that will improve the lives of its users globally. It also aims at combining the best qualities of centralized solution centers such as UX and speed with new decentralized solutions. 

Due to Panther’s data privacy and protection tools, the team at Velas is ready to work and collaborate in this partnership. Velas and Panther will be sharing their research in technology development and deployments that involves privacy schemes using a system known as the zero-knowledge proof system.

Simultaneously, Panther protocol will be in charge of enabling the cross-chain exchange of Velas assets using its interoperable unique privacy feature. This privacy feature is an integration of Panthers zAssets into Velas wallet granting them access to the on-chain privacy. This will be an added advantage and great benefit to Velas users worldwide.




Oliver Gale, CEO of Panther Protocol reiterates its vision and position of providing decentralized, trustless privacy and interoperability that panther will be bringing due to this partnership.

“The integration between Velas and Panther Protocol enables the advancement of privacy and data protection tools. We have a big vision for the future of DeFi and Panther fits into that vision as a partner providing decentralized, trustless privacy and interoperability to this burgeoning ecosystem”. He said.

Panther’s unique position will help to bring private transactions over to Velas Ecosystem. Additionally, Velas users will have access to Panthers staking program and governance. This will also help to further decentralize the protocol and attract more users to the protocol.

“We are excited to see how this new partnership between Velas and Panther Protocol can move privacy and data protection to a whole new level. Panther Protocol can be perfectly integrated into the Velas Wallet and cross-chain to make Velas assets private”.Added Shirly Valge, COO at VELAS.

Similarly, Velas native assets will be of incredible benefits to Panther’s liquidity and user base which will, in turn, strengthen Panther’s multi-asset shielded pools.

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