Polygon-Based NFT Project Red Panda Introduces Innovative Play-to-Earn Mechanics

In a move to expand Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming, Red Panda — one of the major Polygon-based NFT projects, has announced the introduction of a new innovative P2E mechanics on its platform. This is good news and a remarkable feat for all who are diving into the play-to-earn world. Here, users can earn RPN tokens and also Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) on the Red Panda network by playing the game.

The team described the Red PandaGotchi project as:

A Tamagotchi style game where you can have fun with your Red Panda in different mini-games.

P2E gamers can earn RPN tokens and WETH by playing games and holding tokens. Apart from RPN and WETH, there is also an additional in-game token called Ingame Panda Token (IPT) that can also be used inside the game exclusively — this means that the token cannot be used outside the game.

With the vast benefits of he game’s P2E mechanics, players will not be left out at this time, rather they will be rewarded automatically with WETH anytime they spend RPN and IPT tokens in-game. In many ways, gamers will be able to increase their profits in several different ways while getting much exposure with Red Panda.

By holding an RPN token in the game, you will earn yourself a profit of IPT tokens. Also, by providing liquidy with an RPN token, users will earn a higher amount of IPT tokens. You can also earn RPN tokens for breeding Red Pandas and playing mini-games. Furthermore, everyone can earn profit by selling Red Panda NFTs that they breed. Lastly, users will have the option to win mini-game tournaments monthly.

As the game is yet to be rolled out, Red Panda asserts “before the game release, we’ll motivate users to hold their Red Panda NFTs and RPN tokens with the many benefits.” Separately, anyone who holds a shared part of the Red Panda NFT has the chance to participate in the raffle with at least a $50,000 prize pool upon the game’s launch. Meanwhile, before and after the game launch, the system automatically takes a 12% commission for each transaction.

About Red Panda

Red Panda Planet is a collection of randomly generated Red Pandas on Polygon network created to benefit the NFT Holders and the real life Red Pandas by engaging the community with exciting gaming experience, introduction of advanced play-to-earn mechanics and raising Awareness and contribution for the Red Pandas all over the world.

Official Channels:

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