Starbots – The First-Ever Playable Game On Solana That Will Change Your NFT Experience

According to its Roadmap, Startbots intends to release its NFT Sale on the Solana Blockchain this December. Let’s discover how this Solana playable game could change your entire NFT experience. 

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According to CryptoSlam, Solana (SOL) is the fourth greatest NFT blockchain in terms of 24-hour sales volume, after Ethereum, Ronin, and Wax.

Solana has the fourth-largest amount of NFT sales, according to statistics aggregator CryptoSlam. This race has three leading players: Ether, Ronin, and Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX).

Nearly $500 million has been sold by Solana since August in NFT transactions. On August 31st, NFT sales on Solana surpassed a daily trading volume of approximately $37.7 million. On the 8th of October, the number of purchases reached a new daily high of 6,521.

The enormous expansion of Solana Blockchain and the NFT gaming industry has indeed been growing at such a rapid pace. Providing access to current popular titles and upcoming releases from independent developers has chances to explore this potential yield. One of them is Starbots, a first-ever robot battle NFT game on Solana.


Starbots is the world’s first playable NFT robot battle game on Solana, with Dogs as the main characters. Players earn $GEAR tokens by tactically constructing their robots, winning battles, completing missions, and conquering new territories’ lands.

Unlike other games, such as Star Atlas or Nyan Heroes, which does not intend to release an official game anytime soon, Starbots will be releasing its official gameplay in Q2 of 2022!

The game is easy to play but will be a challenge to master in the long run. Winning a battle is achievable, but it requires extensive knowledge and dedication to understand how each body part might be used against the adversary.


Unique Features 

Unlimited Robots: With over 20,000 variations for each body part, there is no end to the evolution of robot assembly! Because each body component will generate a different battle, each time will be unique!


Accumulate $GEAR tokens as you win battles and explore planets filled with battles and missions.

Customizable Weapon

Customize your battle robots with a wide variety of body parts.


At any time, you can upgrade, repair, or disassemble your fighting robot.


Combine various weapons and body parts logically to create a robot with a winning operating principle.


PvE Mode

At a total of 20 stages each, players can conquer the five planets in the Plutonet Universe: The Beaglerest, The Corgist, The Huskitory, The Goldenars, and The Bullians.

Players will face a unique planet BOSS at each of the planet’s five, fifteen, and twenty-stage levels. Taking down the BOSS will net you a sizable sum of money.

PvP Mode

The PvP Gameplay has two modes.

Quick Battle

Randomly paired players fight each other in quick battles. During any time of the day, players can engage in a quick battle.

League Battles

Players begin at League 1 and work their way up the daily Golden List, eventually gaining promotion to a higher league.

Teaser of Gameplay: 

Token Model

In-game Token

Ticker: $GEAR

Got By:

  • Completing missions
  • Winning Quick battles
  • Selling body parts

Use cases: 

  • Upgrade levels for the body parts
  • Open LootBox

Governance Token

Ticker: $BOT

Got By:

  • Winning League battles

Use cases:

  • Vote for game features 
  • Upgrade levels at milestones
  • Stake to get $GEAR 

Partners & Investors

  • DeFi Alliance
  • Impossible Finance
  • Tomo Chain
  • Lua Ventures
  • Kyros Ventures
  • Good Games Guild
  • Solscan
  • Solar Eco Fund
  • BigCoin
  • TK Ventures
  • Exnetwork


Nov 2021

  • Gameplay & Whitepaper Release

Dec 2021

  • BOT NFT Sale

Jan 2022

  • BOT Token Introduction & IDO

Q1 2022

  • PvP Mode on Testnet

Q2 2022

  • PvP Mode on Mainnet

Q3 2022

  • PvE Story Mode Release

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