Top 3 Reasons Why Bitrise Is Better Than Safemoon

  • Faster development rate than Safemoon.
  • Innovative tokenomics.
  • Better investor rewards than Safemoon.

Safemoon has released the widely anticipated Safemoon V2, which is now a hot topic in the crypto market. The upgrade of the old Safemoon protocol is looking forward to making Safemoon more competitive. This is after more aggressive competitors came out and are driving the Safemoon coin value down.

Whether Safemoon V2 will be competitive enough has formed the discussion in the last few days. This is after new DeFi projects offering what the crypto community says to be better products continues to offer tough competition to Safemoon.

Bitrise is one of the newcomers in the market that is competing with Safemoon. Bitrise, a mooning coin that is an exciting crypto community, is threatening to beat Safemoon by building the biggest thing in DeFi, according to the team.

There are several things Bitrise is doing right that are challenging Safemoon as a DeFi project. One of the notable areas that Bitrise coin is beating Safemoon is the development rate. Bitrise is creating a huge gap in the speed of accomplishing their DeFi project.

Unlike Safemoon, Bitrise has already produced three products that are running on its ecosystem. They are the Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and the Bitrise dApp wallet. Safemoon has to do better since, so far, the team has only released the Safemoon wallet. The Safemoon V2 is a protocol upgrade which is the biggest development so far.

Bitrise coin has also announced that the centralized exchange is coming up soon, while Safemoon is yet to comment on its exchange development progress. To make the competition tougher for Safemoon, the Bitrise team has announced the launch of the staking process, which will be at the end of November. Safemoon is yet to start the staking process.

Bitrise is being hailed for designing one of the most innovative tokenomics than Safemoon, according to the crypto community. Unlike Safemoon, Bitrise has just 38% of the quadrillion tokens in the liquidity pool. Safemoon has 50% of the quadrillion tokens in the liquidity pool. Unlike Safemoon, Bitrise buyback contact is buying and burning tokens. Safemoon buyback contract only buys back, but the burning is manual.

This has made Safemoon look untrustworthy to investors because of possible manipulations. Safemoon is also not rewarding its investors better than Bitrise. Though both Safemoon and Bitrise are rewarding investors for holding tokens, Bitrise is promising better rewards with the launch of the staking process.

Even with Safemoon launching the staking process, the ecosystem has fewer products to generate revenue. At the moment, Bitrise coin is superior to Safemoon in terms of rewarding investors. According to the crypto community, Safemoon has to do more to reach where Bitrise is at the moment.

Bitrise is doing what most Defi projects, like Safemoon, has been unable to achieve within a very short time. According to the crypto community, the team has accomplished a lot that has taken Safemoon a while.

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