Cardano Based Ravendex Releases the First Look of Its Staking Platform

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Ravendex, a Cardano based platform is pleased to reveal FIRST look of its Staking Platform. The cryptocurrency industry is witnessing unprecedented transformation as we are seeing a few useful applications of blockchain technology in solving real world problem. Aside from the question of central authority, establishing a centralized exchange creates several difficulties. On the other hand, the Blockchain has the ability to remove complexity while also maintaining anonymity and security.

Marketplace Pair

Ravendex, a Cardano-based decentralized exchange (DEX) that enables cryptocurrency users and investors to create a liquidity pool, swap and trade their (ADA) for a native Cardano token as well as generate a marketplace pair for swapping of native tokens, all while leveraging the Cardano blockchain’s safety and minimal transactions costs.

It is one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchanges being built for the Cardano blockchain, and they announced in last week’s tech article that they are taking another step toward delivering their community with a frictionless means for earning additional revenue in $RAVE through the staking infrastructure, which is in line with their goal of increasing user access to $RAVE staking incentives.

Ecosystem for FIRST Staking Platform

Ravendex is also building the Cardano Ecosystem’s first Staking Platform for cardano native tokens where CNT holders can stake their assets to earn more as long as the project owners have created a pool.

Ravendex is always researching and discovering new ways to improve the durability of our Platform while also increasing the profitability for our early investors.

An NFT staking protocol is also being developed where users can earn rewards for staking their rare digital collectibles.

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Company Name: Ravendex Labs
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Location: Dublin, Ireland.

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