Connect With Your Sports Heroes With NFTs From SportsIcon

  • The NFT world continues to expand and more NFT projects emerge in the market.
  • One of the most notable is SportsIcon — an NFT platform for sporting heroes.
  • SportsIcon connects fans with their sports heroes through NFT cinematic footage.

As the NFT space continues to expand, more enthusiasts come to appreciate what it brings. Most especially, more NFT projects rise and deliver innovative NFTs to the public. There is one that stands out — SportsIcon, an NFT platform that brings cinematic footage of sporting heroes through NFTs.

In detail, SportsIcon connects fans to their sporting heroes through bespoke cinematic footage, delivered through NFTs. There are featured athletes, who will have 27 NFTs in total, divided into 9 chapters. More so, its rarity increases as the athlete’s journey advances.

The cinematic footage NFTs are ensured to have the best quality. It will focus on the highs, lows, and motivations behind the successful careers of these big players in the sporting world. Moreover, it will also showcase the talent and skills of the athletes on the pitch, court, field, or any stage where they shine bright.

Notably, SportsIcon is built on the Flow blockchain with a native utility token called ICONS. It also has the strong backing of DapperLabs — the driving force of NBA Top Shot. It is also funded by the famous rapper, Nas, and former NBA players like Andrew Bogut, Eniac Ventures’ partner, Nihal Mehta, and others. Aside from this, SportsIcon has also partnered with Mike Vick, Romelu Lukaku, CMLL, and Pumas.

With that said, SportsIcon has already achieved milestones since its inception. One of the most noteworthy is its SportsIcon Lion Club NFT. It is a PFP project based on 9,000 unique Lions which have sold out in less than 14 hours, generating 1.4M USD in ETH sales. The team also mentioned that,

This project is designed to bring even more fans into the online sporting community with real utility, such as tickets for soccer games, NBA, NFL and more.  As well as digital utility in the form of Q&A from legendary athletes exclusively for our members, and the chance to meet the sporting icons in person.

Furthermore, the team added that they plan to work with more athletes, clubs, and sporting organizations, from all over the world to connect them with their fans through its innovative NFTs with utility. In fact, SportsIcon is gearing up towards its upcoming IDO launch, which is set for the end of the 4th quarter of this year. Surely, after this, the world will know how SportsIcon will provide next-level NFT utility to everyone.

We will continue to build out a world-class team, as well as soon building in the metaverse. Ultimately, we want to make NFTs accessible to everyone — traditional crypto users and non-traditional.

All-in-all, SportsIcon has raised 5.5 million in the seed round from some of the best investors in tech and crypto. These partners join their existing investors: rap legend and tech investor Nas; former NBA champion Andrew Bogut; Roham Gharegozlou, the CEO of Dapper Labs, creators of NBA Top Shot; Wndrco; On Deck Runway Fund; Nihal Mehta of Eniac Ventures; Mike Edwards of Argo Blockchain; Anand Agarawala, Founder of Spatial; Andrew Masanto of Reserve Protocol, Hedera Hashgraph and Pet Lab Co.; and Chad Hurley, the founder and former CEO of YouTube.

Even though this is an important milestone, the platform thinks of this project as the beginning. They will continue to offer exclusive programs to their holders of NFT and tokens to provide them with real-world and digital utility.