Investing in NASDEX (NSDX): Everything You Need to Know

The Asian stock market is one of the biggest in the world, creating billions of dollars in wealth for those who understand how the system operates. Users no longer need to trust third parties or get blocked based on jurisdiction, as there is finally a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone’s needs. NASDEX, the premiere decentralized cryptocurrency exchange for trading tokenized Asian stocks, has its own native governance token, NSDX. The token is now live on various ecosystems. In this post, we’ll detail everything you need to know about buying and holding NSDX.

What Is NASDEX and What Problems Does It Solve?

As mentioned, NASDEX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for tokenized Asian assets. By putting up collateral, users can mint a tokenized version of their favorite Asian stocks for others to invest in. Once minted, users can provide liquidity and trade the stock with others from around the world.

Tokenized stocks also provide additional profit opportunities for users, such as farming and staking, which aren’t available in the traditional equities market. Users can also invest in fractional tokenized stocks and assets, making stocks more accessible to those who cannot buy an entire share. Lowering this barrier to entry should make the entire market significantly more fluid.

The traditional equities market suffers from high fees and geographical, technological, and economic barriers. Users around the world (and even sometimes in Asia) struggle to acquire Asian stocks outside of their own borders and must abide by various know-your-customer (KYC) policies at that, requiring the divulgence of personal information.

NASDEX provides a permission-less way for users all over the world to invest in Asian stocks. It provides an accessible way to get involved with equities investment, bolstered by additional profit-earning opportunities for all users.

In reality, nothing like NASDEX has ever really been introduced before. The platform has the potential to reach millions of users across various Asian countries, totaling potentially trillions worth of liquidity across the NASDEX ecosystem.

However, tokenizing already existing off-chain information is not easy. The process requires oracles or off-chain entities that pull information from off-chain sources to reflect the data on-chain. Assisting NASDEX in the tokenization process are top-tier projects like Chainlink and the Band Protocol.

Chainlink and Band are both tried and tested oracle platforms that assist in pricing synthetic assets on-chain. Thanks to these integrations, NASDEX can provide live price updates and seamless transactions on all minted stocks. This way, users will have no problems tokenizing their favorite Asian stocks and generating liquidity without the need for a middle man.

Before NASDEX, users would struggle to invest in Asian stocks, paying high fees, suffering from regional barriers, and giving up their identities to do so. Now, anyone can access these stocks and earn from them in new ways.

The NSDX Token

NSDX is the lifeblood of the NASDEX platform and ecosystem. Token holders earn every time an asset is minted or burned, making it an ideal asset to buy and hold for platform users. On top of that, NSDX doubles as a governance token, with token holders getting a say In future changes and upgrades coming to the ecosystem. The more NSDX a user holds, the more weight their opinion has, making it an open and democratic system all can partake in.

Recently, NASDEX also launched NSDX staking, which enables token holders to earn annual interest on their staked assets. In doing so, NASDEX provides yet another utility for its token holders.

NSDX is listed on multiple decentralized exchanges across three blockchain networks: Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon. For example, you can find the NSDX token on PancakeSwap or Uniswap, and QuickSwap, with more exchange listings arriving all the time.

NSDX has a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens. 40% of those tokens will go toward liquidity mining, while 26% stays with the core team and its developers. 6.756% of the tokens were held for the asset’s initial pre-sale, which took place earlier in 2021.

NASDEX Founders Are Paving the Way for a Robust Roadmap

NASDEX was founded by Josh Du and Belinda Zhou. Du has 15 years of institutional portfolio management experience and has managed funds and teams worth over one billion AUD. Zhou has multiple years of experience in various blockchain-related PR roles and knows how to build a dedicated community around any project from the ground up.

NASDEX has worked on listing its NSDX token on multiple decentralized exchanges, while internal testers aim to create the best possible user experience upon the DEX launch. NASDEX will officially launch in Q4 2021 with the top 20 Asian stocks tradable across its decentralized marketplace.

After the product’s launch, NASDEX will work to grow the NASDEX ecosystem and implement its governance model. Beyond that, the team will continue adding new Asian stocks for users and continue listing its NSDX token on as many exchanges as possible. It also plans to list new product offerings such as derivatives and indices.