Solana Inspired Project Bitrise Coin Has Skyrocket 3000%

  • Faster and secure decentralized financial protocol.
  • Fast accomplishment in building DeFi protocol like Solana.
  • Multiple products running in on the ecosystem.
  • Attractive investors’ rewards like Solana.

Bitrise, a DeFi project that is building decentralizing the financial system and inspired by Solana, has skyrocketed 3000%. This is a record growth for a coin that has been around for less than four months. Inspired by Solana, the Bitrise team is doing things that have taken other DeFi project a while to accomplish in a very short time. This can explain the excitement the project has brought into the crypto market.

The 3000% growth comes at the backdrop of a raft of announcements by Bitrise coin that has gotten the crypto community excited by this mooning coin. The most exciting one is the launch of the staking process, which has brought thousands of new crypto community members, including Solana investors.

Through their social media platforms, Bitrise has announced staking will start at the end of November 2021, and like Solana, the sharable staking revenue is huge. With an 80% APY of the collected revenue shared among the staked tokens, Bitrise is getting the attention of even crypto whales from large cryptocurrencies, the size of Solana.

The most appealing aspect of the Bitrise tasking process to the investors has been is the revenue generation. Following Solana’s footsteps, Bitrise will be running multiple products on its ecosystem to generate more revenue for the staked tokens. Already, the Bitrise ecosystem has multiple products running, including Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and Bitrise dApp wallet, which were developed within 3 months. The exchange is also coming soon, and like Solana, Bitrise has promised to develop more products for the ecosystem. Solana so far has over 400 projects on its ecosystem.

Skyrocketing 3000% does not just happen because of the current state of the coin. The long-term success and the stability of the token are key. Bitrise has gotten it all of it right, like Solana. The project still has one of the most innovative tokenomics. Like Solana, the token distribution is designed to reward investors.

There is only 38% of the Quadrillion tokens, total token supply, is available for the liquidity pool. The team has already burned 50% of the token in supply during the launch. The remaining 12% goes to the team and for future development and marketing. Token investors are receiving 4% of the 12% tax charged on the network for just holding tokens. This is a static income sent automatically to the token holders’ wallets every 60 minutes in BNBs. There are so many investors that are joining this coin, including Solana community members, to get the free BNBs for holding BRISE tokens as they wait for the staking process.

Like Solana, the Bitrise project has been a success so far, and this is why it growing by such huge percentages. More even biggest are growths are expected when the staking is launch.

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