TSURUGI Finance: The Next-Gen Finance That Could Lead the Metaverse Market

As the DeFi and NFT markets grow significantly in 2021, surrounding technologies such as those related to the ‘metaverse’ have started to attract more attention from the general audience. Decentralized technology is primed to become the leading technology for the next generation.

However, as decentralized technologies gain momentum, concerns about the security of personal information arise. In the future, it may be more difficult to protect personal information from large institutions including governments in some countries.

In this current climate, TSURUGI Finance is expected to meet the needs of many. TSURUGI Finance is a project that aims to build a new economic sphere by providing individuals the means to securely hold and utilize valuable information and assets.

We managed to TSURUGI Finance accepted an interview.

TSURUGI Finance’s own governance token, TRGX, will soon join TENSET’s Airdrop “Infinity” as a Gold Sponsor to increase the number of token holders along with an upcoming IEO on Kanga Exchange.

TSURUGI Finance will be based on three core businesses:

  • DEX (Decentralized Exchange)
  • NFT marketplace
  • Live streaming platform

Each of these businesses serves a unique function:

  • DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

TSURUGI Finance’s DEX “TSURUGI Exchange” is poised to be a UI/UX gamechanger in the DEX field through its limit price function, unit price display, and the ability to bridge between different blockchains.

TSURUGI Exchange will be built on TSURUGI Finance’s original blockchain, “TSURUGI Chain”. This blockchain is characterized by the following functionalities:

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Low fees
  • High transaction speed

In addition, farming on the TSURUGI Exchange will be different from conventional farming; users will be rewarded with cryptocurrency pairs rather than just the governance token. By additionally rewarding a currency such as ETH, which already has an established market value, TSURUGI Finance’s farming service is expected to attract more users.

Additionally, TSURUGI Exchange is planning to offer a launching platform for new tokens in the future. While conventional launching methods such as IDO are vulnerable to malicious projects, TSURUGI Exchange’s launching platform will be safeguarded with the help of a third-party institution. The Digital Asset Management Foundation, which cooperates with TSURUGI Finance, is expected to scrutinize each of the listed projects much like in IEOs, providing better investor protection.

  • NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace will provide NFTs with unprecedented functions. A wide array of assets, from physical assets such as real estate, art, automobiles, and watches to digital assets such as digital art and digital characters, will be tokenized to be traded.

One of the differentiators of TSURUGI Finance’s NFTs is that they provide a form of income gain and capital gain, defined by the following:

Income gain: Buying real assets on TSURUGI Finance’s NFT marketplace is nothing like you imagine. The sellers are given the option to keep the ownership of their assets, while listing the ‘right to share the profit made by their asset’, much like a timeshare model.

Capital gain: Physical items can be traded in new ways through tokenization. Tokenized vintage items such as luxury watches and classic cars increase in value as the years go by, promising buyers a form of capital gain. The marketplace offers buyers an option to amortize these NFTs later on, trading the token with the physical item at a dedicated time and place.

Each of the income gain and capital gain models addresses the needs of both sellers who want to keep the physical assets on-hand and those who want to sell them.

  • Live Streaming Platform

The live streaming platform will launch an application that implements a blockchain-based tipping system, developed in collaboration with the hologram image engineers of the famous Japanese virtual character “Hatsune Miku.”

While users of other NFT marketplaces have limited options for making their products stand out, TSURUGI Finance users will be able to promote products through live streaming. Sellers on the NFT marketplace can partner with famous live hosts to promote their products to a larger audience.

Live hosts, on the other hand, can earn money from the live session and the promotion.

In the future, the streaming platform will be equipped with recording functions, allowing live hosts to tokenize their live videos and sell them on the NFT marketplace.

Additionally, live hosts can also tokenize themselves, letting the buyers hold a portion of the profit they make through live streamings. There are endless possibilities that may be done within the TSURUGI Finance economy.

TSURUGI Finance’s strength is that it deploys three platforms simultaneously; the growth of any one of the platforms will accelerate the growth of the entire TSURUGI Finance economy.

Decentralized technology, however, while benefiting many people, still has certain vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Within a decentralized economy, each individual holds power over their assets, but this requires the asset holder to secure their own secret keys and passwords that are tied to their digital wallets.

In order to alleviate some of these drawbacks, the Digital Asset Management Foundation has been established to support TSURUGI Finance in its operation.

The four main roles of the foundation are as follows.

  • Management and preservation of assets
  • Appraisal of the authenticity of items
  • Listing items on behalf of clients
  • Security service

TSURUGI Finance leverages the strengths of decentralized technology while addressing its drawbacks. A good example of this can be seen in the foundation’s original security service, “Password Bank”. Password Bank is a completely new security service that utilizes secret sharing schemes.

The drawback of conventional decentralized wallets is that it becomes impossible to retrieve the assets if the password is lost or the holder passes away. Password Bank makes it possible to recover passwords through authentication by two or more people approved by the holder. In other words, even if there is a problem such as losing the password, the assets stored in the decentralized wallet can be recovered.

The Password Bank technology will be implemented in all TSURUGI Finance businesses, with prospects to be deployed in governments, financial institutions, and large corporations around the world.

It is believed that such technologies will provide an important value as the general public starts to join the crypto markets.

In the upcoming future, TSURUGI Finance plans to create a metaverse where real individuals and actual assets fuse with virtual occupation and characters. As large enterprises slowly seek to enter the metaverse market, TSURUGI Finance is expected to become one of the pioneers of the field.

TSURUGI Finance is a financial innovation that is expected to grow in the future through the use of new technologies and service developments.