Alkimi Exchange Announces Staking Pool on Lattice Exchange

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  • Alkimi Exchange announces staking pool on the Lattice Exchange.
  • The network has over 2,100 wallet holders.

Alkimi Exchange, a platform built on the Constellation Network’s Hypergraph, is launching a staking pool on November 24 2021 at 5pm GMT on Lattice Exchange. However, the pool will only be open until December 24, 2021, 5pm GMT. Furthermore, it can accept a maximum amount of 30 million $ADS tokens.

This milestone is a major event for the Alkimi Exchange since this is the first smart contract deployment of the platform in history. Also, this move follows the mission of Alkimi in yielding fewer and better ads on the internet while rewarding its users for browsing the internet at the same time.  

Alkimi Exchange CEO & Co-Founder Benjamin Putley explained:

The staking pool is the first step on our roadmap and I’m hugely proud of the team for delivering it so effectively. The Bandwidth Pool will establish the bandwidth required to support our Something For Nothing programme, where ​​we are paying publishers NOT to show ads.

Putley added that they would begin to collaborate with publishers all around the world next year.  “In Q1 next year, we will start working with the world’s best publishers to show fewer, but more relevant ads. This will allow us to support publishers showing fewer, better ads on the internet. We want to reward users for browsing the internet and with this milestone we are one step closer to doing just that. Bad advertising broke the internet, let’s fix it with $ADS,” he said.

This made Mathias Goldmann, COO & Co-Founder of Constellation Network and Lattice Exchange adds, react:

We are very excited to see Alkimi Exchange pave the way for a new era of how people are interfacing with digital technologies and the internet through $ADS. This quality increase is driven by utilizing the Constellation Hypergraph in combination with DeFi staking dynamics and NFTs.  The results will be a cleaner and better Internet with a sovereign user at the center.

Meanwhile, Alkimi Exchange was able to do and achieve many things on its networks. For instance, the announcement of the exclusive AlEx The Alkimist NFT Rewards Collection, recording over 2,100 wallet holders and listing on Unizen and MEXC to name a few.

On the other hand, the combination of the Staking Pool and the NFT Rewards Collection provides the eligibility to draw an NFT from a pool of 500 special NFTs when staking a minimum of 10,000 $ADS tokens. There are 5 different types of NFTs: Ultra-Rare, Medium-Rare, Rare, Common and Community NFTs. The staked tokens will be locked in for a period of 3 months.

Moreover, there are 2.5 million $ADS tokens available. COO and Co-Founder Adam Chorley said “we want to reward the Alkimi Community for staking and holding $ADS, just like they will be when the exchange is live next year. We have an amazing community, and this is to say thanks for all the support they’ve given us this year!”

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