Dvision Network announces its 1st Land Sale with Binance NFT and NFTb

Source : coinquora.com

  • Dvision will conduct its largest LAND Sale event on November 24.
  • The LAND Sale will occur via a partnership with Binance NFT and NFTb.
  • The LAND ownership starts with the first 2 Meta-Cities (Seoul & New York).

Dvision Network announced it is the biggest land selling with around 4460 Mystery Boxes through 3 main marketplaces which are Binance NFT, NFTb and Dvision’s Marketplace on November 24th. The first 1495 LAND Boxes will be made available via INO (initial node offering) on NFTb. Another 1469 LAND lots without any randomization will also be provided in Dvision’s own marketplace, where users will be able to purchase the LAND Lot by utilizing the DVI token. At the same time, around 1452 Mystery Box NFTs will be available to purchase on the Binance NFT platform.

Millions of verified users on Binance.com will have a chance to purchase the Mystery Boxes with Dvision’s Land lots on the Binance NFT from 11 AM UTC on 24th November. The mystery boxes contain up to 14 different LAND Lots (ranging from regular 1×1 LAND Lot up to 3×3 Premium LAND Lot), which are dropped at random probability basis. Similarly, users can visit NFTb Launchpad directly during the INO to purchase Land Lots by Dvision. Meanwhile, Dvision’s Marketplace is the only marketplace which offers individual LAND lots with its specified location on the map without any randomization. Users can purchase the LAND, using DVI, which is Dvision’s native token in the marketplace.

Dvision’s LAND represents the digital ownership of the Meta-Space registered as NFT (BEP-721) on Binance Smart Chain. It is a major asset to create customized virtual estate inside Dvision’s metaverse.

LAND is a remarkably scarce digital piece of property in Dvision metaverse, total supply is fixed at 200,000 parcels. In the next 2 years, all 10 rounds of Meta-Cities will be released with 2 cities opening in each round.

Dvision Network is a blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform. It allows users to take a deep dive into the most advanced metaverse experience. The Dvision Network creates an innovative ecosystem by utilizing its own VR technology to lower the entry barriers for all users globally. So far, Dvision Network has released the LAND Sale Teaser that once more highlights the trilateral collaboration between NFTb, Dvision, and Binance NFT and shows the opening of the New York Meta-City. To conclude, a more detailed announcement will be released after the countdown on Dvision’s official website.