Dvision Network to Start Selling LANDs In Cooperation With Binance NFT and NFTb

Source : bitcoinist.com


Dvision Network has announced that it will begin offering LAND Lot NFTs on November 24th. It is promising to be one of the largest tripartite collaborations with Binance NFT and NFTb on Binance Smart Chain-based LAND Sales and the largest event for Dvision Network. The sale will be conducted across three platforms and will allow millions of users to purchase land lots on BinanceNFT, NFTb and Dvision Marketplace platforms, starting from 11 AM UTC on 24th November.

Dvision Network, a blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform, which lowers the barriers of entry into the metaverse ecosystem by utilizing its own VR technology. It allows users the unique opportunity to experience one of the most advanced metaverses and become a LAND lot owner where they can create anything they wish.

Users who own LAND will be able to customize and offer their own content in the Meta-Cities using the virtual meta-spaces. The unique point about metaverse is there is no limit to the possibilities that a user can create on his LAND.

Dvision Meta-Cities

New York and Seoul are scheduled to be the first Meta-Cities to launch. LAND lots will be put up for sale in each of these Meta-Cities. In total, there is a fixed supply of 200,000 parcels of LAND in the Dvision metaverse which are spread evenly across 20 Meta-Cities.

Meta-Cities will be released gradually over a two-year span, with two cities being launched in each round. Users will be able to purchase LAND across these Meta-Cities in 10 rounds. Since supply is capped at 200,000, LAND will be an extremely scarce resource in the Dvision metaverse.

Where To Buy LAND

LAND will be available for purchase simultaneously across three platforms; Binance NFT, NFTb, and Dvision’s Marketplace. Each LAND represents digital ownership of a Meta-Space in the Dvision metaverse. All Dvision’s Lands registered as NFTs on BEP-721 on the Binance Smart Chain and represent a valuable asset that allows owners to create customized virtual real estate within the metaverse and turn it into a profit allocation resource.


Binance NFT will feature about 1,452 Mystery Boxes containing up to 14 different LAND Lots, with a probability of receiving a random NFT in the box. Specifications for the LAND lots contained in the Binance Mystery box are 1×1 to 3×3 Premium.

NFTb will offer 1,495 LAND Boxes available during INO (initial NFT offering) on its platform. Users can check the Dvision LAND Boxes according to the tiers. For example, Tier 1 has access to the regular LAND Boxes, while tier 4 have access to the legendary LAND Box.

LAND sales on the Dvision Marketplace will however be as straightforward as they come. Dvision will offer individual LAND lots along with their specified location on the map without any randomization features. LAND lots on the Division Marketplace can be purchased by DVI tokens, which are the native utility tokens on the Dvision Network.

Splitting Up The LAND

In a nutshell, 40% of the total 200,000 LANDs will be put into the sale. This enables users to have ready-to-use digital real estate for their content needs in the metaverse. 20% of LAND is reserved for the Division Team for partners to share brand-specific content in the metaverse. Also, part of the team’s 20% will be used to introduce diverse pieces of content into the metaverse, while another part will be reserved for future use cases.

The remaining 40% will go towards empowering the Play to Earn features in the metaverse. This 40% of the land is also known as the “Infected Area” and users will be able to receive a share of the proceeds by helping clear these infected areas and subsequently selling the cleared LANDs on the marketplace.