GetBlock: Node Infrastructure and Tools for Building Blockchain Apps

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GetBlock nodes provider is a service that empowers decentralized applications (dApps) with API connection to the entire set of mainstream blockchains and smart contract platforms including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, among others.

To perform business operations and move payments to distributed ledgers, a dApp should be tied up to blockchain nodes of the required network. This can be done by deploying and managing your own blockchain nodes. Although, it’s much easier to access blockchain nodes using a node service provider – GetBlock – rather than running them yourself.

How does GetBlock work?

GetBlock is a ‘Blockchain-as-a-Service’ platform that provides individual developers and enterprises with connection to blockchain nodes through the API architecture. You can facilitate the building process of DeFi, DAO, DEX or NFT marketplace by accessing over 40 supported blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Tron, and Cardano.

GetBlock offers shared and dedicated node connections with up to 99+ percent availability. Shared nodes can be used by multiple customers at the same time, they have lower rates that start from zero – a free package for up to 40K requests per day. With the dedicated node service by GetBlock, you can access exclusive infrastructure on the chosen network at maximum speed with no rate limits. It is the best solution for the dApps that consider scaling and expect user base upsurge.

Polygon nodes API 

Polygon nodes API is among the most popular endpoints of GetBlock’s offering. It allows connecting dApps and DeFis to Polygon (previously Matic Network, MATIC), a high-performance smart contracts platform that evolved from Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution.




Polygon’s architecture merges very high throughput with negligible transactional fees. In Q2, 2021 it became the fastest-growing smart contracts platform of the Web3 segment.

Polygon is fully EVM-compatible: any Ethereum (ETH) dApp can easily migrate to Polygon. GetBlock leverages Geth v1.10.3 client; its Polygon (MATIC) nodes are available with 100% uptime.

BSC nodes API

Binance Smart Chain is a smart contracts environment by leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance (BNB). It closely resembles the first smart contracts platform Ethereum, therefore, Solidity devs can easily deploy their dApps to Binance Smart Chain.

GetBlock is one of the most popular BSC nodes API providers worldwide. In 2021, it empowered a clutch of high-end dApps with BSC nodes connection, e.g. Flux, ZeeDEX, Shimbo, and so on.

Ethereum nodes API

Despite increased network fees and low speed, Ethereum remains the safest smart contracts hosting platform: its transaction security is protected by the enormous hashing power of Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus.

GetBlock has offered its customers high-performance Ethereum nodes API endpoints since 2019. As such, its developers and customer support experts’ experience in Ethereum (ETH) development is unmatched.

Analytics by GetBlock: Raw Data and Explorers 

Besides reliable node connection services for DeFis, wallets, and dApps, GetBlock can also empower on-chain analytical platforms with data flows. 

Raw Data

With ‘Raw Data’ offering, on-chain monitoring platforms, automated trading bots, and DEXs can get valuable insights about the crucial processes in the blockchain.

As blockchain systems use simple key-value storage such as LevelDB and RocksDB as their databases, GetBlock instruments can extract data in hexadecimal to provide the customers with readable insights. These insights can be an unfair advantage in data-driven portfolio management, automated trading, and so on.

As of now, this service is available for the top blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum (and a clutch of their forks), and Binance Smart Chain. Raw data is only available when working with dedicated nodes.

Block Explorers

Explorers creation is the latest functionality added to GetBlock’s toolkit. Block explorers are actually blockchain-specific browsers as they display the information about blocks, value transfers, accounts, miners, fees in human-readable form.

With GetBlock, any distributed network can build its own explorer from scratch. By launching the explorer, a cryptocurrency project can increase its visibility, credibility and get one more powerful source of traffic.