How To Do Yield Farming On BSC With BNBMatrix?

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Yield farming is a still-nascent crypto strategy to high return on investment (ROI) on depositing cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, Binance coin (BNB), and stablecoins. While traditional investments in banks pay a quarter percent, yield farming can give triple-digit % yields. Yup! that’s right; some dapps are offering 100% plus yields. However, one that has left everyone surprised is BNBMatrix.

BNBMatrix is a dapp on DeFi, and it runs on a blockchain and peer-to-peer (P2P) network. It is an innovative open-source secure platform for BNB yield farming. Even though there are many dapps, only BNBMatrix is currently claiming high returns on investment of BNB. Depositors can earn from 7.8% to 17% on daily deposits depending upon the period (7 days to 30 days). There have already been 9000 BNB plus deposits on BNBMatrix after just 15 days of launch.

Why Should You Choose BNB For Yield Farming?

The decentralized finance space is still growing, meaning a new dapp launches every day. Thus, it is overwhelming for crypto enthusiasts to pick the right one. Moreover, the popular dapps have a low learning curve so they are confusing for most while others come with a lot of risks, scams, errors, and fraud. is the perfect solution. This dapp allows users to turn their BNB deposits into high profits without facing any issues like low yield, scams or struggling with the interface.

This Smart Contract based Binance Smart Chain dapp also offers many great features and benefits such as:

  1. User-Friendly Interface – BNBMatrix has an intuitive interface so it makes it easy to navigate and use the platform.
  2. Referral Rewards – BNBMatrix offers referral rewards for referring the application to friends and family.
  3. High-Profit Margins – BNBMatrix gives a daily ROI of 7% to 17% and a total ROI of 119% to 234% based on the deposit period (7 to 30 days).
  4. Quick Deposit and Withdrawals – BNBMatrix has quick and simple deposit and withdrawal processing.
  5. Safe and Reliable Haze Crypto has audited BNBMatrix so it has been declared safe and secure for yield farming in the BSC network.

BNBMatrix For Yield Farming

Here is you can do yield farming on BNBMatrix:

1. Connect Wallet 

The first thing you need to do is, connect your decentralized wallet to the BNBMatrix platform. Simply click on ‘connect’ and scan the QR Code or log in on the browser. The mobile browser supports 64 DeFi wallets whereas the desktop browser supports 4 different wallets; these include:

2. Deposit BNB

Once the Wallet is connected, choose the amount of BNB you want to deposit on BNBMatrix.

3. Select Period

Now, select the number of days from 7 days to 30 days. The minimum daily ROI is 7.8% and goes all the way up to 17%. Thus, a total ROI of 119% to 234%. Finally, click on ‘Invest’.

4. Referrals

Once you invest, you will receive a referral link to share. You can get referral rewards from 0.5% to 5% of their deposited amount.

5. Withdraw

After the set number of days, you will earn a profit that you can deposit in your decentralized wallet. The withdrawal process is quick and simple!

Wrapping Up reduces the risks associated with yield farming. It is safe from any Smart Contract risks, fraud, exit scams, and liquidation risks. With a high ROI and user-friendly interface, BNBMatrix is definitely worth a try when it comes to BNB yield farming.

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