The Next Big Play-to-Earn Cryptos

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  • The popularity of play-to-earn has been steadily growing.
  • Axie Infinity got the spotlight as the most popular play-to-earn game.
  • MANA, GALA, CPAN, and ETERNAL are the next big play-to-earn games.

As play-to-earn gaming soars, many people are now interested in diving into P2E crypto games. However, play-to-earn crypto games are not a new concept, besides they have been steadily growing in popularity. 

Notably, Axie Infinity got the spotlight, becoming the most popular play-to-earn game this year with a market cap of over $9 billion. Therefore, following the path of Axie Infinity, here are the next big P2E crypto games. 

First, the Decentraland (MANA) play-to-earn game has the potential to keep climbing and passing Axie Infinity along the way. In addition, MANA is a fully-fledged virtual reality platform that allows players to purchase plots of land. In fact, this project uses a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). They officially opened to the public back in February 2020. 

Another P2E crypto game is Gala, a new rising star that has made considerable gains. In a very short time, Gala placed at rank 62. Moreover, the gaming platform supports many popular games. To name a few, Townstar, Miradus, and Fortified. 

Joining the play-to-earn trend, CryptoPlanes (CPAN) joined the gaming space, it is part of the CryptoCity metaverse. The place of the famous NFT racing game CryptoCars. In just a short period, CPAN has been consistently climbing with impressive gains. Currently, ranked 537, and aiming to reach the top 100 rankings.

Lastly, the up-and-coming crypto game, CryptoMines (ETERNAL) has become the top GameFi Protocol on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The popularity of this game continues to increase reaching an incredible $508.40. In addition, the game intends to become one of the best SciFi GameFi projects on the blockchain.