TOKOIN Investing in the first NFT Metaverse that will make users decide their own faith and “Everything-to-Earn”

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We are pleased to announce that TOKOIN have closed an investment in the first NFT Metaverse that allow users to decide their own virtual world, and Play-to-Earn Gaming, adding more arsenals in its environment of blockchain technology.

As one of the pioneer blockchain companies from Indonesia, we envisioned making blockchain technology accessible and easy to use by everyone and useful for its community. To make sure of that, we constantly develop and support different projects globally and locally to be on board the blockchain technology, leveraging TOKO token and its advantages.

Metaverse and the Future

There have been many new applications of blockchain technology in recent years. However, many believe the best real-world use cases for this technology are yet to come. Some believe this will take shape in the metaverse, the next believable iteration of the internet. With the metaverse, any participant can enter a virtual world that will connect different environments.

As TOKOIN believes in the idea that NFT is the future of gaming, TOKOIN is ready to announce soon its first investment in an NFT Play-to-Earn game project — which has the vision and mission to bring its a universe to the Metaverse as well. This will further provide TOKOIN and the community with an opportunity to participate and experience the Metaverse.

NFT Gaming

In the soon-to-be-announced game, the premise is to provide people with an opportunity to participate in the metaverse. The team aims to bring value to a whole ecosystem with a chance to earn third-party revenue. In practice, this game style allows players to exchange their winnings in the game for real money as part of a more intricate in-game economy. The game itself does so by providing the token $TOKO which can be earned through the completion of battles and quests.

Not only Play-to-earn, but this Metaverse will also be everything-to-earn, you can build your own destiny or build your own world. With the metaverse, any participant can enter a virtual world that will connect different environments. The social element of the gaming metaverse will bring joy to players, the model itself will create a new breakthrough where gamers can become crypto investors.

The combination of earning rewards, growing through the ability to evolve characters and engaging in battle scenarios, along with low entry costs, position the game as one that players are likely to connect with for the long haul.

$TOKO holders will have the first opportunity and privileges to this brand new investment. We hope to see you in our brand-new realm that we will be announcing. Better get ready, as with the NFT Gaming and Metaverse knocking on the door, we believe that the future is near.


TOKOIN is a fast-growing Indonesia’s blockchain company. The group provides blockchain as a service as a solution to Indonesia’s business problems. Through its $TOKO token, the company provides strategic partnerships with local and global companies. TOKOIN’s mission is to be the number one blockchain company in Indonesia and globally by accelerating growth, efficiency and effectiveness of traditional companies through blockchain technology. The vision is to bring together a unique group of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and skills to shape the TOKOIN ecosystem and community today towards the future.

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