Atani Just Launched Its Dex Aggregator on Solana – Get Your Early Bird View Right Here

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The latest Solana-based enterprise, Atani, has just launched its long-awaited project: its decentralised exchange trading platform, the DEX Aggregator. Let’s take a closer look at the team, what they’re doing and how exactly their DEX Aggregator stacks up for crypto traders. 

The Team

Atani (that’s “Atani”, not to be confused with “Atari”) was founded in 2019 by the brother and sister duo, Paul and Haydée Barroso, to address the frictions and inefficiencies associated with navigating the crypto ecosystem. Atani (formerly “Etoshi”), grew from a trans-European base to a global SaaS company, with backing from top European VCs and investors. 

Driven by its mission to provide deep value for little or no cost to millions of crypto users, Atani has gone on to be recognised with awards at the Top Blockchain Pick at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2019, Top 10 Fintech Start-up at South Summit in 2019, Top 100 European Start-up by Red Herring in 2020, and Seal of Excellence in Innovation (“Sello de Pyme Innovadora”) by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation in 2021 to name a few. 

After raising a cool $3.7m in seed funding with top European VC firms, this trans-European-turned-international enterprise wasted no time delivering on its mission.

Aligned with Atani’s CEX platform launched earlier this year, Atani’s developers focus on making crypto markets accessible and usable to more people with its latest release of its DEX Aggregator (working paper here), an all-in-one trading software.

Fun Fact About Atani’s Name

The name Atani was inspired by the Japanese expression あた に, pronounced “ata ni”, which means “to you”, and reflects the teams’ intention to put the end-user at the centre of its technologies. 

Review on DEX Aggregator

At first glance, Atani’s DEX Aggregator could be overlooked as “just another crypto trading platform” amongst the growing list of crypto platforms on the market. But after even a cursory glance, it quickly becomes clear that Atani have built no ordinary platform. 

Standout Features 

First, their DEX Aggregator boasts a robust suite of trading features for a seamless trading experience, offering: 

  • Open & Auto-Settle Orders 
  • Stop Loss/Take Profits Limit Orders 
  • OCO Orders
  • Real Time Orderbooks 
  • Technical Analysis, with the ability to chart on-chain data with TradingView 
  • Asset Discovery 
  • Price and Liquidity Analysis
  • Trade Alerts – by call, SMS and/or email
  • Access to 1,500 cryptocurrencies and 9,000+pairs on over twenty trading platforms, including Binance, Coinbase Pro, KuCoin, Kraken,, Bitfinex, Huobi, OKEx, Gemini and more.

In addition, the DEX Aggregator also offers: 

  • Comprehensive Portfolio Management, including user-friendly Portfolio Tracking. 
  • Tax Reporting Technologies, for users to keep convenient records for tax purposes. 
  • Interoperability to connect your Solana wallet (Phantom, Sollet, Solflare).  

So now users can complete all their crypto trading activities – placing orders, managing their portfolios, and keeping track of their trading for tax purposes – all in the one platform. 

This is huge – because while other platforms will still pick and choose which trading and portfolio management features to offer their users, the DEX Aggregator doesn’t hold back, and simply offers them all together in one spot. Frankly, it’s a welcomed option for traders to finally be able to access all trading and portfolio management features in one platform, without the need to open and use multiple different platforms. 

The Need for Speed

Then there’s the platform’s speed. 

Built on Solana and Serum, the DEX Aggregator boasts state-of-the-art, Solana-Serum-standard speed in trading and processing, so you can confirm orders at the speed of light. 

Atani’s developers are expecting to simplify the experience for users trading across DEXs in multiple chains by switching costs and driving volume growth to Solana and Serum.

Solana especially is renowned for its scalability, speed, and fractionally low costs, making it a stellar choice to power a DEX like Serum, based on fully on-chain limit orders.

As most traders would appreciate, the advantage of running on Solana cannot be underestimated in crypto trading, especially in this day and era of front-running trading bots, market manipulation and constant volatility. 

Privacy and Security

Next, the DEX Aggregator was purposely designed to include premium security and privacy features. 

The inclusion of security and privacy are then also welcomed features. As seasoned traders will know, as the market moves towards mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, privacy and security will start to become a greater and greater priority. Indeed, this was one of the concerns around Bitcoin, for instance – as developers are now appreciating how difficult it is to retrospectively achieve privacy ‘after’ a project and its protocols has been developed. THE DEX Aggregator avoids that pitfall and starts with privacy and security in its very design.

Price – 95% of Its Tools are Free

When it comes to pricing, Atani sets itself apart again with its “Freemium Model”, offering 95% of all its tools for free. 

In line with the group’s mission to make crypto trading technologies accessible and affordable to all, Atani have deliberately designed its software and pricing in ways that will deliver as much value as possible, and to as many people as possible, for the lowest possible cost to users. 

So, what’s free and what’s paid? 

  • 95% of the tools for free – including trading tools, portfolio management and tax reporting tools. 
  • The other 5% of paid products are the small trading fees for trading cryptos. 

But even then, through partnerships with top exchanges (like Binance, OKEx, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Poloniex and more) Atani is able to keep its trading fees competitive for users. Then, to back that up even further, Atani also makes a point to give transparency in all its fees, with its firm commitment to not charge hidden surplus fees, as many exchanges often do. 

This fee structure makes the platform an attractive option to serious traders, where competitor platforms are still charging anywhere from 0.2-2% on conversions, and then also hiding additional fees in their conversion spreads. Those fees add up, especially the larger the trades get. And over time, users can be paying tens of thousands extra per year in those hidden fees. Not with the DEX Aggregator. The fees are transparent and competitive, pure and simple. 

For the new traders who are where every penny counts, Atani’s Freemium Model will also be a gamechanger for the platform to offer its services to a greater cohort of users, where money is sometimes a real consideration stopping users from getting into crypto trading. 

What’s Next?

The Atani team has indicated its plans to add more advanced features (including API trading) to its DEX Aggregator, and to continue developing its platform in response to user feedback and needs. Watch this space. 

Overall Review

All in all, Atani’s DEX Aggregator is a standout trading platform for pro defi, altcoin traders and passive investors alike. It’s faster, sleeker and cheaper than the other DEXs other there, making this platform an instant contender for the best trading platform in the market for users. If you’re not already using it, you’re missing out.