Dash Launches a Tremendous Ad Campaign in Miami for DashDirect

  • Dash launched a huge ad campaign in Miami for DashDirect.
  • The current ad campaign in Miami is 9,000,000 total ad impressions.

Dash, an open-source cryptocurrency forked from the Bitcoin protocol, launched a tremendous ad campaign in Miami for DashDirect.

According to the Dash team, the media campaign started on November 19. However, due to the distributed nature of rideshare vehicles, car toppers were not all rolled out at once.

In addition, the company didn’t give more details about how many cars will have the toppers as they reportedly purchased by impressions and not by vehicle. What’s more exciting, the current ad campaign in Miami is 9,000,000 total ad impressions.

Arden Goldstein, Head of Marketing at Dash Core Group, further explained why they chose Miami for the DashDirect ad campaign. Goldstein notes,

Miami represents the best of all worlds for Dash. The city itself has a welcoming approach to cryptocurrencies and is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to actual cryptocurrency utility. Dash is a payments coin and as such, it makes sense for us to market to an educated consumer base within a city already accustomed to digital payment options. Additionally, Dash is a leading coin in LatAm, which aligns with the large LatAm ex-pat population who are familiar with Dash for remittances. We are reinforcing the message that Dash is meant to be spent.

Furthermore, Goldstein also stressed the reason the firm decided to use VUGO, a rideshare advertising company, to promote DashDirect. The Head of Marketing at Dash Core Group emphasizes that as Dash was the first in many cryptocurrency milestones, they try to find ways to set themselves apart from other digital assets.

Expanding further, she adds that DashDirect, a retail app created along with CrayPay, is the perfect example of how they bring very low fees, savings, and instant transactions to their users. With this said, she noted that Vugo offers a unique opportunity for Dash through moving billboards to market themselves in a way that cuts through the advertising clutter during this holiday season.

Marshall Greenwald, CEO of CrayPay and DashDirect founder, also went through why crypto users should consider using DashDirect for Black Friday and CrayPay Monday sales. Greenwald says,

With significant inflation this year, consumers are looking for ways to cut costs while still showing they are thinking of their loved ones. Through DashDirect, you can buy digital gift cards at hundreds of national brands, and deliver them instantly through email, all while instantly saving an average of 5%. Without leaving the comfort and safety of your home, you can shop for everyone on your list, and save money on digital gift cards you know they will appreciate and use this year.