Cardano $ADA Crypto Plummeting While Fans Join Bitrise Coin

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Cardano $ ADA’s has been plummeting over the last 3 months straight. During the same period, Bitrise coin, a still mooning crypto, has been experiencing a bullish run, making it one of the fastest-growing crypto today.

  • Bitrise platform comes with innovative tokenomics.
  • The platform offers attractive rewards to investors.
  • Automated token buyback and burning to create token scarcity.

The 2nd of September was when ADA hit an all-time high value of over $3 and has been plummeting to $1.65 at the time of writing. This is causing the Cardano fans to look for crypto coins on a bull run, and Bitrise coin has been toping among the favourite coins.

According to the team behind the Bitrise project, this is a DeFi project that is going to be a game-changer in DeFi and the traditional financial industry. The team is building one of the biggest decentralised financial systems that will streamline the financial industry and reward the investors in a big way.

Cardano fans are joining Bitrise coin because, first, it is one of the fastest-growing tokens today. The coin is also offering innovative tokenomics and attractive rewards to investors. These are things attracting not only Cardano fans but also community members from other big cryptocurrencies.

In the last few weeks, the coin has been recording massive growth in value, which has been catching the attention of crypto investors. Already, investors are making thousands and millions of dollars in profits while the ADA is plummeting.

Apart from the Bitrise token value growth, the coin tokenomics have been a key aspect of the project that is attracting Cardano fans. This is a hyper-deflationary token. The depreciating token supply helps to create token scarcity, and this is why the token price has been stable since it was launched end of July. The platform uses a buyback contract that buys back tokens from the liquidity pool and burns them automatically.

The automated buyback uses 5% of the tax collected on token transactions, which is 12%. Cardano fans are also joining to get the 4% of the tax collected, which is redistributed to all token holders. Bitrise rewards investors for just holding the tokens. The rewards are automatically redistributed as BNB into the token holder wallets.

Additionally, the team has announced the launch of the staking process, which will be offering good rewards to staked tokens. An 80% APY of the revenue generated by the products on the platform’s ecosystem will be shared among staked tokens. With the platform already having Bitrise Audits and dApp wallet and the exchange coming soon, the huge revenue it is attracting Cardano and other crypto fans. Bitrise coin is staking is the most anticipated thing right now, but the coming exchange and blockchain will be a big milestone for this DeFi project.

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