Redditors to Cardano — Where Are the DApps?

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  • Redditors are asking Cardano — where are the DApps?
  • A post questioning decentralized applications on Cardano went trending on Reddit.
  • Reddit user mask45 expressed his frustration over the platform.

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson recently tweeted Dogs Bark, Caravan Moves On. This was in response to Cardano haters that always complain about the platform. He explained that from dubbing Cardano a “Ghostchain” the haters are now moving on to discussing network congestion.

Meanwhile, in the /r/Cryptocurrency, a popular forum at Reddit with more than 4 million followers, Redditors are asking — where are the DApps?

In a post, Reddit user /u/mask45 said,

It’s been over 11 weeks and there are still no Cardano DApps.

He added that since the “first post that was almost 11 weeks ago raising concerns about the upcoming DApps on Cardano, there has been no news on this.”

Aside from this, mask45 also expressed his frustration over the platform. According to the user, “I was not only personally insulted in PMs, called a FUDer and an liar by the vast majority of Cardano holders, but was also told that Cardano DApps would be running 1 week after Alonzo Fork.”

The post got more than five thousand upvotes and more than fifty Reddit awards. Other users also replied to the post voicing their discontent with the Cardano platform, while others continued to defend ADA.