Rewarding XDC Vote Listing Contest To Be Held on November 25 by is about to list XDC on its platform and has a unique way of going about it. From November 25, 04:00 UTC to December 2, 04:00 UTC, has announced a vote listing for the XDC Network (XDC). Voters will be rewarded with a $13,000 XDC prize pool.

With the use of a hybrid blockchain platform, XinFin aims to revolutionize the global trade and financial industry by providing an accessible, efficient, and highly adaptable decentralized infrastructure solution for all parties involved. As a stake, it may be used to join XinFin’s validator network and implement smart contracts.

There was a successful transaction between Tradeteq and eXchange inFinite (XinFin). After the alliance between the two titans, a new set of regulatory rules and trade financing standards were implemented. XinFin is a blockchain-based hybrid platform designed to transform the global commerce and finance sector. Moreover, StorX is built on the XinFin blockchain platform and incorporates the platform’s superior security characteristics, such as immutability and consensus.  Consequently, Plugin operates on the XinFin ecosystem which is a decentralized oracle platform offering cost-effective solutions.

Support for LedgerMail is provided by LedgerFi IT Solutions in the United Arab Emirates, using XinFin’s XDC network. Information, data, files, and even digital money are all part of the scope of this service. Over 500K people have signed up, 308,453 wallets are operational, and over 100K emails have been sent in the last 24 hours. Each user’s blockchain wallet ID is connected to their email address in order to facilitate interoperability and accessibility.

The XDPoS consensus protocol will be operational on the XinFin XDC Network on December 1, 2021, at block 38383838. There is now a test version of the upgrade accessible on the Apothem network, thoroughly tested by the protocol team. A major overhaul of the XinFin Mainnet will be implemented with this upgrade. From the moment the user joins to the moment the user recommends a friend, they will be rewarded. A seven-day Twitter giveaway contest is also available. The happenings of the XDC voting events have been summarized below.

There is a potential to earn 21,540 XDC ($2,000) as part of an Airdrop split for new users. The new user merely has to register for a account and complete the KYC. 50 XDC ($5) will be given to the new user. Those who register and perform a transaction worth $15 will get 150 XDC. From a total of $2,000, users will be paid out according to the first-come, first-served rule.

Voting is open from 4:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m. on November 25. A 53,850 XDC ($5000) Airdrop pool will be split between those who vote for XDC. will offer XDC for USDT trading if it obtains 10 million votes. A total of 32,310 XDC ($3,000) will be shared among the first 600 depositors, each receiving $5. Giveaway has announced a seven-day Twitter giveaway competition with a $10,000 prize pool for forwarding and following. After the event, the platform will choose 50 people and reward each of them $20.

A pool of 21,540 XDC ($2,000) will be split among those who recommend friends, each receiving 50 XDC ($5 USD). Also, users will get 150 XDC (approximately $15 USD) if the user you referred completes any genuine transactions on after inviting them.