Sandbox Coin Community Joining Bitrise Coin

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Bitrise, one of the fastest-growing crypto coins in the market today, has been receiving thousands of new community members from Sandbox. The coin, which is still mooning, has been topping the list of the hottest and most sought-after crypto coins in the market for some time now.

  • Attractive rewards to BRISE investors.
  • Faster, secure, and sustainable decentralised financial platform.
  • Low cost of transaction on the platform.

Bitrise has been making record-breaking moves in DeFi, especially with its fast accomplishments in developing its DeFi system. At the moment, its upcoming staking process, which is a major milestone, is the most talked about topic in the crypto market today.

Bitrise staking process announcement has also seen the number of new community members joining the token increase significantly. What is interesting is that community members from large cryptocurrencies are joining the token in their thousands.

Sandbox, a Metaverse platform that is building one of the biggest things in the online play-2-earn game, is one of the big cryptocurrencies that have many members of it community joining Bitrise coin. Though this is a gaming project and not a direct competitor, this token has exciting things that are attracting Sandbox fans.

Being the fastest growing coin is one of the reasons Sandbox community is joining this token. The token is currently one of the fastest-growing crypto coins, with the team recently reporting record-breaking growth in token’s value. The thousands of people joining the coin every day and the innovative tokenomics are some of the reasons why the token value is growing at such a fast rate.

One the tokenomics, Bitrise has something that most of the Defi projects are not offering. The token distribution is designed to reward investors. The platform taxes 12% on all the transactions on the ecosystem, and 5% of it goes to buying back token from the liquidity pool and burning them. The whole process is automated by a buyback contract, which makes the platform more trustworthy.

The buyback and burning of BRISE tokens create a scarcity, which automatically increases the token price. Sandbox community also wants to get part of the 4% of the collected tax, which is redistributed to all token holders as BNBs. In addition, the announced staking process is also going to increase the rewards investors get from owning BRISE tokens.

The team announced the staking process was starting by the end of November, and immediately the number of new members started increasing rapidly. The 80% APY of the revenue generated by the products in the ecosystem will be shared among all staked tokens. Sandbox investors are targeting part of this staking reward. Already, the ecosystem has products running in it, including Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and dApp wallet. The Exchange is in the development stage and will improve the revenue generated upon launching. This means more money for the joining Sandbox community members.

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