SkyLaunch is Launching A Multi-Chain IDO Platform

  • SkyLaunch provides crypto projects with IDOs assistance.
  • SkyLaunch is developed on top of EVM compatible chains.

Amid the rise and surge of the business based on the latest technological advancements based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there has arisen a need for support to provide assistance through the project. Talking about the IDOs, they involve a lot of efforts from the team behind the project whose IDO is being launched, it should be noted that these projects require support from the beginning till the time they manage to establish themselves as a project.

SkyLaunch is a platform that is intended towards providing the projects coming up with IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings) assistance, right from the moment they commence their journey of launching an IDO and helping them throughout the entire process.

SkyLaunch, being the first of its kind platform, is powered with proprietary technology to introduce upgraded features to the blockchain industry and is strictly inclined towards introducing an advanced level of equality among all investors by removing restrictions. The platform eventually intends everyone to reap benefits from price levels generally restricted to the primitive venture capital funds or notable net worth investors.

As we move further while discussing the commencement and development of the SkyLaunch platform, it should be known it powers its reliance on two of the most significant players in the market, the one is the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

Development of the SkyLaunch Platform

It is being developed on top of these EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible chains. Discussing the roadmap and future objectives of SkyLaunch, it will be amalgamating with a structured layer-2 scalability solution which is going to be based on the Optimism protocol to increase the speed of the transaction and eliminate gas charges virtually.

Along with this, we should put a note on the fact that the SkyLaunch platform is intended to minimize the risk for investors by executing the implementation of institutional levels of due diligence and an Independent Governance Council. As per the official disclosure from the platform, the Independent Governance Council constitutes a leading blockchain specialist to review and vote on each project. While emphasizing the basic details of the SkyLaunch Finance platform, it can be easily figured out that it is a multi-chain platform which clearly implies that any project launched on this platform will have the potential to gain access to the ecosystems that are necessarily required by the project regardless of the chain.

It works under a kind of supervision and authoritarian body of due diligence as the dual-layer institutional level due diligence of the SkyLaunch Finance platform ensures that all the projects powered and backed by the platform already meet inflexible layers of criteria before being provided with exposure to the services. The key feature is the availability of the $SKYFI token, as it brings appreciable earning and saving opportunities to the token holders. Its capability to give staking rewards to the investors, outstanding discounts and offers, the capability to vote on governance proposals so that it should be clear that the holders have their share in the project decisions, and Utility NFTs with certain allocation, is what makes it the most authoritative feature of the platform.

The platform is notably assisting teams and projects to expand their dApps (Decentralized Applications). There is certainly nothing better than something that is available for you to execute your necessary actions and provide exclusive services along with proper guidance and motivation? SkyLaunch is filled with features and characteristics to attract any business mind or project that operates in blockchain technology, IDO, and the entire functioning of the space dedicated to decentralized applications.