$IDEA token provides an opportunity to grow!

Source : ambcrypto.com

$IDEA has been outstanding in the past month of November. The price jumped very high, currently staying stable at $0.4. IDEA has had low volatility in the past few days.

The summer was disappointing with IDEA being around 10-25 cents. Since then, the price has grown 400%.

With many upcoming projects such as WorkX ( a freelancing platform ), IDO, blockchain games, NFTs, and more, IDEA has a huge potential of jumping even higher.


Key Support level: $0.38

Key Resistance level: $0.49

Current IDEA bias is neutral. IDEA has found good support at $0.38. If this level holds, IDEA has a chance to break the resistance level of $0.49.

All of this combined, the token price increasing significantly, new projects, WorkX, Game studio, etc. could push IDEA to the new ATH.

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