Multi-Chain Hashrate Protocol MINE Network Announces Successful Funding Round of $2M

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MINE Network, the first standard multi-chain hashrate token protocol, has just announced that it has attracted the biggest names in the crypto sphere and strategic investments in a recently conducted funding round. The round was led by major venture capital firms such as Exnetwork Capital, CSP DAO, STC Capital, Oracles Investment Group, MoonBoots, Leos Ventures, Global Key Investment, and Aza Groups, with support from cardinal partners including Skyrim Finance, Kylin Network, Charged Particles, and FOMO Chronicles.

MINE Network has successfully secured $2M from the funding round and is ready to fuel its mission to revolutionize the mining sector as it aims to proffer solutions to the industry’s most scaling issues affecting the operations of miners.

As a newly emerging blockchain project, MINE Network is committed to restructuring the mining sector. multi-chain hashrate token protocol has envisioned a mining industry with profitability, value-adding propositions, and less tedious procedures. MINE Network aims to redefine crypto mining in interesting ways including building a gamified metaverse ensuring sustainability.

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Mining and the GameFi Sector

MINE Network is penetrating the crypto mining sphere with a unique value proposition. The decentralized token project is building a cross-chain mining protocol and creating the industry’s first mining game with real mining rewards as its base and a sustainable in-game ecosystem. The primary objective is to bridge the gap between traditional mining and the GameFi sector by defining an immersive economy that will appeal to miners and game lovers in every part of the world. MINE Network is giving miners the opportunity to experience their field differently in a gamified virtual world. All in-game rewards are based on the protocol’s hashrate pool.

New players contribute to the pool and over 10% of tokens mined in the game go back to the hashrate pool to purchase more power and over time, this cycle increases the in-game rewards, making the game self-sustainable. With this unique structure and game concept, the MINE Network team seeks to fully establish a self-sustainable game economy while solving issues associated with inflationary models in a typical GameFi project.

MINE Network is adopting this initiative to reshape conventional mining into a whole new ecosystem that will enable miners to access and explore a world of limitless opportunities.

Developing An Ever-Expanding Gaming Ecosystem

After successful funding round, MINE Network is expanding its ecosystem into the blockchain metaverse. The project is creating its own metaverse called ‘MINEverse’. MINEverse has been designed to operate as a secondary mining liquidity solution on MINE Network. MINEverse is merging the most exciting aspects of the cryptocurrency realm including crypto mining, into a more solid multi-faceted gaming experience. It is a play-to-earn and NFT-driven gaming sphere that will offer and manage incentives for players.

MINEverse is acting as an immersive and ever-growing special virtual ecosystem where NFT creators and collectors, as well as crypto miners, can freely interact, explore various prospects of a virtual world, and test the limits of their creativity.

MINE Network’s gaming metaverse will birth a new concept and change the way miners and game lovers experience the digital asset economy.

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