Safemoon Whales Joining Bitrise Coin for Passive Income from Staking

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  • Bitrise platform offers innovative tokenomics.
  • The platform offers attractive staking rewards.
  • Multiple products in the ecosystem.

Safemoon plummeting price over the last few weeks is a growing concern to investors. Even the launch of the Safemoon V2 has not changed the trajectory of the coin so much. The coin has yet to reach where it was at the end of October and has dropped further.

In such a situation, it is expected that investors would be looking for more promising coins, one that’s delivering and have real utility. That’s what Safemoon community is doing, and Bitrise, a still mooning coin, has been one of the biggest choices for most Safemoon investors. Bitrise coin is currently is in the process of launching the staking process, which is attracting thousands of investors.

The latest was the move by the Safemoon Whales, who joined Bitrise just the other day. The move by the Safemoon whales to join this relatively younger coin has a huge impact on it. Crypto whales don’t just move but do it after observing and verifying that the project they are joining next is viable and will deliver good returns.

Bitrise coin has been making big moves in both the crypto market and DeFi. The team is developing one of the biggest DiFi protocols to address the shortcomings in the traditional financial system and the current DeFi protocols. Better scalability, security and low cost of transaction is what Bitrise DeFi system will be offering.

The Bitrise team has accomplished so much for a token that launched on 28th July 2021. This is five months after Safemoon and is now rated ahead of Safemoon. The Bitrise ecosystem already has Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and dApp wallet, when Safemoon only has the wallet and the recently launched Safemoon V2.

But it is the recently announced Bitrise staking process that is attracting Safemoon Whales into joining the coin. The team announced a few days ago that the launch is taking place at the end of November, something that has excited the crypto community. The recent big joining are Safemoon whales. The staking rewards are very attractive, and this is the biggest reason why crypto investors are joining Bitrise coin.

Bitrise has said that 80% APY of the revenue generated from the products in its ecosystem will be shared among staked tokens, and this has attracted Safemoon whales. This is a huge amount considering the number of products that will be running in this ecosystem.

Immediately after the launch, Bitrise Audits and dApp wallet will start generating revenue for the staked tokens by Safemoon investors and others. The exchange is coming soon, and the team has confirmed that research on blockchain development has already started.

Safemoon whales and other investors staking with Bitrise stand to make good returns even in the coming days as the number of products increases. Follow Bitrise social media platforms for the latest updates on the staking launch!