Grexie Integrates with Onramper, Native Token GREX Now Available Worldwide for FREE

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  • GREX now available for free globally.
  • Grexie integrates with Onramper.
  • Promoting GREX gives associates extra 10%.

Grexie announces the worldwide launch of its native token GREX, an ERC-20 crypto coin offered for free on the Polygon blockchain. Alongside this news, Grexie also disclosed its integration with Onramper, a fiat-to-crypto platform that puts all major gateways in a single solution.

Moreover, the Polygon gas fees in each transaction determine the initial price of GREX and stimulate price appreciation through deflationary tokenomics.

Following Ethereum’s deflationary status after utilizing the EIP-1559 mechanism, deflationary tokens have played a significant role in the broader digital asset market. However, not all deflationary coins provide positive tokenomics for investors.

With this in mind, Grexie plans to offer the advantages of deflationary mechanics while giving seamless accessibility through a fully free token. Through Grexie’s integration with Onramper’s fiat-to-crypto gateway aggregator, which includes an API and a widget, GREX holders can easily exchange their tokens for fiat as their value increases.

Grexie presents its users with allocations of its limited GREX tokens for free, in addition to a low gas fee for processing the transaction on Polygon. Initially, they can receive up to 1 million GREX per allocation, but with each allocation given, the cap decreases.

Unlike the standard norm of overly-inflated ICO token valuations, the token valuation of GREX is dictated by market forces. Meanwhile, the token itself is distributed to users through a long-running community distribution model.

Additionally, associates who promote GREX receive an extra ten percent as an incentive. With the gas fees being nearly consistent, the value per token exclusively based on the gas cost almost doubles every 350 million issues.

Furthermore, the CEO of Grexie, Tim Bershin, expressed his excitement following the latest collaboration.

Everyone at Grexie is excited to start this journey. We believe that a combination of accessibility, frictionless onboarding, and ensuring that token value is more market-led offers a true value proposition for bridging the gap between current and future financial systems, and integrating with Onramper represents the first of many steps toward this ultimate goal.