DoragonlLand Gears up for a Big Move This Nov. As It Announces Its $DOR IDO

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DoragonLand, the 3D card game that caused ripples across the blockchain gaming community recently, will conduct its IDO on two launchpads, KoiStarter and Oxbull, on November 30, 2021.

After building great curiosity and gaining immense traction in the blockchain gaming community, the blockchain-based game DoragonLand is prepared to conduct the IDO of its native token $DOR on November 30, 2021.

DoragonLand is backed by some of the most popular names in the blockchain space, including Lucid Realm, X21 Digital, Exnetwork Capital, OIG, Axia8 Ventures, Oxbull, MEXC Global, NGC Ventures, GAINS, HUB Global, and others,

The IDO is a means for the DoragonLand team to offer its huge community a fair chance to own a stake in the platform and reap the benefits that come tagged with it. Therefore, DoragonLand urges all crypto-enthusiasts and game-lovers to join its massive cross-platform IDO on its launch day!

DoragonLand has planned to launch its IDO on two platforms namely KoiStarter Platform — a cutting-edge and secure launchpad powered by Creator Chain — and Oxbull Launchpad — one of the top launchpad platforms for NFT game projects.

The upcoming $DOR IDO marks yet another massive stride forward for DoragonLand after the overwhelming success of the first NFT Chest Boxes sale that the project conducted on November 18 on Mirana Marketplace.

IDO Timeline

Date: Tuesday, 30 November 2021

IDO time:

  • KoiStarter: Starts at 01:00 PM UTC, 30 November 2021
  • Oxbull: Starts at 04:00 PM UTC, 30 November 2021

Eligibility and $DOR IDO Details on KoiStarter:

To be eligible for the whitelisting of $DOR IDO, you should stake at least 500 CTR tokens in KoiStarter. Furthermore, you should complete other social tasks to qualify for Tier 1 and 2.

Total public raise: $180,000

Whitelist registration duration: 10:00 AM UTC 25 Nov. 2021 – 10 AM UTC 29 Nov, 2021

IDO time:

Pre-order (For tier 4 only): 11:00 AM 29 Nov, 2021 to 10:00 AM 30 Nov, 2021
Guarantee – Whitelist winners: 11:00 AM 30 Nov, 2021 to 02:00 PM 30 Nov, 2021
First-come first-serve: 02:30 PM 30 Nov 2021 to 03:30 PM 30 Nov, 2021

Eligibility and $DOR IDO on Oxbull:

To be eligible for the whitelist, you should stake at least 50 OXB tokens on Oxbull. You must also complete social tasks to qualify for Tier 3.

Total public raise: $120,000

Whitelist registration starts 21 Nov. 2021

Whitelist closes at:

  • 00:01 AM UTC 28 Nov. for Tier 1 and 2
  • 00:01 AM UTC 01 Dec. for Tier 3

IDO time:

Tier 1: 04:00 PM UTC 30 Nov, 2021 to 01:00 AM UTC 01 Dec, 2021
Tier 2: 12:00 PM UTC 01 Dec, 2021 to 01:00 PM UTC 01 Dec, 2021
Tier 3: 01:00 PM UTC 01 Dec, 2021 to 01:30 PM UTC 01 Dec, 2021

The detailed guide on how you can participate in the $DOR IDO will be shared across all official channels of DoragonLand. To make sure you do not miss out on the details, stay tuned to the official channels.

Token details

  • Token name: DoragonLand
  • Token symbol: DOR
  • IDO price: 1 DOR = 0.02 BUSD
  • Token type: BEP20
  • Initial market cap: $275,500
  • Total public raise (on 2 launchpads): $300,000

What is DoragonLand?

DoragonLand is a 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors where players can duel with others to collect rewards of NFT items and tokens in real-time. The ecosystem is powered by the DoragonLand token with the ticker $DOR.

What Sets DoragonLand Apart From Other NFT Games?

The DoragonLand team was quick to realize the potential of blockchain-based games, especially that of play-to-earn and metaverses, That is why DoragonLand focused on developing its game to become a paradise for both game lovers and crypto-enthusiasts. DoragonLand achieves this by offering users various chances to earn $DOR, its native token, and claim irresistible NFT collectibles by completing in-game quests, participating in events, or trading in-game land.

Recently, the market witnessed the mushroom-like growth of play-to-earn games. However, not all games focus on artwork or gameplay. DoragonLand will converge all main factors which determine the success of a game. It will consolidate the high-class of blockchain technology, addictive gameplay, splendid artwork, and diversified earning mechanism to achieve this. DoragonLand also promises to become a rising star in both crypto and NFT game industry.

Inspired by the world-renowned Clash Royale, DoragonLand gameplay is an insanely simple yet hard to master online battle brawler game that consists of fundamental elements including action, collectible card games, tower defense, and RTS. Besides, DoragonLand brings splendid and sophisticated artwork from Thunder Cloud — the most well-known 3D game-art studio for making world-class cinematics and graphics for games all over the world. Nevertheless, the game provides outstanding play-to-earn features. Furthermore, players will have amazing opportunities to reap attractive rewards of $DOR tokens and NFT items.

DoragonLand’s Backers:

Incubated by Creator’s Platform, DoragonLand’s blockchain aspect will be ensured with the smoothest performance. To be specific, collectibles like dragons and in-game assets can be easily tokenized and transformed into transferable assets that allow players to exchange them for money or other digital assets on NFT marketplaces.

Along with Creator, DoragonLand also has solid partnerships with HUB Global — the contributor to the success of many well-known game projects including Heroes & Empires, MyMasterWar, Moniwar, MYTHERIA, and so forth.

Besides, DoragonLand also has strategic partnerships with leading ventures in the field such as  Lucid Realm, X21 Digital, Exnetwork Capital, OIG, Axia8 Ventures, Oxbull, MEXC Global, NGC Ventures, GAINS, HUB Global. With such strong backers, DoragonLand is expected to be another mega-hit in the NFT game industry.

What to expect after DoragonLand IDO?

Quite certainly, the $DOR IDO is not the last of the series of exciting events that have led DoragonLand to this day. There’s much more you can expect from DoragonLand this quarter. According to its recently published roadmap and updates, game lovers and crypto enthusiasts will be able to join the DoragonLand game beta release in December, which will be a major pump for the DoragonLand project after the Chest Boxes sale and IDO event.

DoragonLand beta version will have all the key features of the game, including PvP mode, 3D characters, and a reward system. However, this version will be limited to a certain number of users only. To be eligible for joining this beta release, users should hold at least 8 among 10 cards of the Starter Box that were sold in the Chest Sale event on November 18.

So, DoragonLand is well on its way to accomplishing many big things ahead. Keep following DoragonLand’s main channels to not miss out on any of its exciting events.