Emirates Post Group (EPG) to Launch NFT Stamp on December 2

Source : coinquora.com

  • Emirates Post Group is preparing to launch NFT Stamp on December 2.
  • The NFT Stamp will utilize the power of blockchain.
  • After the launch, NFT enthusiasts can collect, purchase, and exchange the stamp.

Emirates Post Group (EPG) announced the coming of their groundbreaking digital NFT stamp on December 2, 2021. By implementing the stamp, EPG will become the first company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to issue a blockchain-based NFT stamp.

Looking at the date, it is no secret that the innovation is primed to occur on the same day as UAE begins to celebrate its 50th National Day 2021. Virtually, the stamps will have a direct digital representation that mainly uses the power of blockchain.

Specifically, the NFT stamp will be implemented in four distinct phases. Each of them symbolizes an individual design on the UAE national theme. For easy identification, the first one is a premium edition that carries a gram of fine gold titled Golden Jubilee 2021.

The second stamp is called the “Spirit of the Union – 1971” which symbolizes the establishment of the UAE by the founding fathers. Guess what, the third stamp is “Year of the 50th – 2021” while the fourth one is the “Projects of the 50th 2071” — representing the futuristic vision of the UAE.   

NFT enthusiasts will have the right to purchase the NFT stamp as digital collectibles that have been linked to their physical stamp counterparts. Emirates Post Group CEO, Abdulla Mohammed Al Ashram expressed his view and he knows about the matter.

In line with EPG’s goal of transforming into a more digital-centered company, we are proud to announce the launch of the first NFT stamp in the region, which utilizes blockchain technology. By introducing tradable NFT stamps, we are bridging the gap between traditional stamps and the world of digital cryptocurrency.

He again stated that their soon-to-be-issued NFT stamp is a testament to their hard work and how they aim to establish a strong technology infrastructure to serve their customers better. “NFT enthusiasts will be able to collect, exchange and trade our stamps, which also promote the story and milestones of the UAE,”  Al Ashram added.