Metahero Crypto Community Joining Bitrise Coin

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Metahero is the next big thing in the fast-growing Metaverse industry. This is according to the team behind this massive project. At the time of writing, Metahero was hitting its all-time high price of $0.2028, at a time when other cryptocurrencies were plummeting. That’s how potent Metahero project is.

  • Attractive investors’ rewards.
  • Innovative tokenomics.
  • Promising decentralised financial (DeFi) product.

But Despite this impressive growth, Metahero crypto community is looking for more attractive, real utility crypto projects with a development recording. Bitrise, a crypto coin that is still mooning, has been one of the most attractive crypto investments for Metahero community members.

Apart from being blockchain-based projects, Metahero and Bitrise are two different products. Bitrise is building a decentralized financial (DeFi) system, while Metahero is a gaming platform. Therefore, they are not direct competitors, yet Metahero investors are joining Bitrise.

Bitrise project has super attractive aspects that are attracting even competing cryptocurrencies’ members. The most attractive thing about this DeFi project is its highly promising return on investment, and that’s why thousands of new investors are joining every day, including Metahero crypto community.

Bitrise coin is promising fast and big returns for its investors. The teams at Bitrise says it is building the biggest thing in DeFi that reward investors. In just four months since token launch, the team has developed multiple products for the Bitrise ecosystem, including Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and dApp.

Bitrise recently announced that its cryptocurrency exchange is launching in Q1-2022, and the research on the blockchain is ongoing. Such fast accomplishments make Bitrise coin very attractive to the Metahero crypto community, which is looking for fast-growing crypto projects.

Bitrise whitepaper shows the token has the most innovative and attractive tokenomics in the crypto market today. The platform uses a buyback contract that buys back tokens from the liquidity pool and burns them automatically. It is the first hyper-deflationary token to burn bought-back tokens automatically.

The automated buyback uses 5% of the 12% tax on all transactions. The 4% of the tax is redistributed among all token holders for just holding tokens. The reward is BNBs and is automatically sent to the token holders’ wallets every 60 minutes. These are tokenomics attracting the Metahero crypto community to this coin.

But the recently announced Bitrise staking process is the biggest reason Metahero members are joining this coin. The platform shares 80% APY of the revenue generated by the products in its ecosystem among all staked tokens.

With multiple products running in the Bitrise ecosystem, including Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and dApp wallet and the coming up exchange, a lot of revenue will be generated. It is this income from the staking process that the Metahero community is coming for.

With the upcoming staking process, more Metahero will be joining Bitrise. The staking rewards are very attractive, and when added tokenomics, Bitrise becomes one of the most appealing crypto investment opportunities.

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