Metaverse Platform, BlockchainSpace to Onboard 20,000 Guilds With 2.4M Strategic Funding

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  • BlockchainSpace discloses it raised $2.4 million in its recent funding round.
  • The funds will be used to onboard the next 20,000 guilds worldwide.
  • BlockchainSpace will also launch an Open Guild Marketplace in 2022.
  • They will also introduce new automated credit scoring and loan issuance features.

BlockchainSpace announces a $2.4 million strategic funding round that comes right after last month’s seed round. The funds, according to the team, will be used to onboard the next 20,000 guilds worldwide and more than 10 million users on its platform.

The fund will also facilitate growth in the fast-developing NFT gaming industry. Considering the NFT gaming industry’s explosive evolution, BlockchainSpace will continue to develop its platform to provide more tools and features for guild owners to operate their guilds.

The success of the funding round can be attributed to organizations such as Morningstar Ventures who led the round and other participating firms including,Alameda Research (FTX),Kingsway Capital,OKEx Ventures, andUnity Gaming.  

BlockchainSpace is a metaverse platform. It creates tools that empower play-to-earn gaming communities to grow their earnings, access capital, and advance their performance. Basically, BlockchainSpace will focus on guild performance monitoring, Guild Data Back, and a Guild Financial Bank to propel more expansion in the NFT gaming space.

With over 2,000 guilds and more than 545,000 P2E players, the platform has become a hub for new gamers or scholars to access P2E games. To add on, the scholars are granted the opportunity to access P2E games without any upfront investment in return for distributing a certain percentage of the profits they earn.

Since the role of the guild operators involves tracking of assets, cash flow, revenue, and expenditure, maintaining multiple budgets, BlockchainSpace provides an extensive platform and community for guild operators to rightly measure the performance of their players, vet applicants, and onboard new scholars.

In like manner, BlockchainSpace also provides opportunities for guilds and individual players to access the capital they need to develop their existing guilds or start new ones. Besides, BlockchainSpace aims to inspire the next generation of play-to-earn gamers and guild owners to become successful entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential digital tools and financing.

Even more, BlockchainSpace will launch its revolutionary Open Guild Marketplace that will allow the inclusion of new TradeFi and decentralized finance tools to catalyze economic opportunity for guilds and their members.

Additionally, the platform is planning to deploy its Ecosystem Fund in 2022 and also introduce new automated credit scoring and loan issuance features.

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