Parallel World Collectors, the Dimensions in the Nested State

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Parallel World Collectors is a corporation that makes money by stabilizing the unstable dimensions of Parallel World intersections, fine-tuning their pasts and futures, and doing some observations.

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There are still plenty of ethical debates to be had, but witnessing dimensions nesting within one another and deciding on their status is fascinating. In order to observe dimensions in the nested state, the Parallel World Collectors are introduced. The ability to infinitely expand the dimensions will be heavily influenced by user choices. Aside from that, they can be absorbed into another based on another.

Parallel World Collectors was founded with the goal of assisting and supporting their Collectors in expanding their vocabulary depending on their own personal interests. The funds sold in the ‘Market’ will be distributed to the ‘Observers’ via more colorful methods like raffles or DAO. Furthermore, when you receive the following generation of dimensions, the wealth generated will be transmitted to you as well.

They hope to stabilize a total of 8,888 unstable dimensions this season, as well as their pasts and futures, with a little observation. You’ll be able to buy the Dimensional Pieces that have been prepared at random, and you’ll be able to influence their pasts and futures to some extent. By obtaining NFT, you are given the huge role to participate and expand the universe as well as generate yourself income. 


Observe unstable dimensions and acquire the byproducts – dark matter – by renting “Dimensional bits.” Through lotteries, your observations will gain you specific benefits. 


Predict the observation findings to shape your future in the way you want it to go. Predictions determine a portion of the lottery results based on observation.


This is where the byproducts of observation are refined. Byproducts of monitoring unstable dimensions have a tendency to interact with one another, and the more byproducts there are, the more normalization is required.

Interfering with other dimensions

Infiltrate dimensions in secret and compare them to one another. Any acts relating to the arts have the potential to impact the unstable dimensions, and the best pieces will be formally recorded.

Project Roadmap


They’ve prepared gifts for collectors on the lookout for something new. These dimensional fragments, which are still unstable, will soon be returned to you, dimensional collectors.

Dimensional Expansion

They intend to host a contest in which users compete with universe stories. This will be an excellent opportunity for both them and you to make significant progress. You are free to express yourself in any format you like and to share it. Every one of your tales will be preserved.

DAO Select

They’ll vote on who did the best after the competition! You will now select an episode from the endless fictional worlds that you believe is the best story!


The best stories you choose are NFTed and available to the best artists. Enjoy the thrill of realizing something that was previously simply a figment of your imagination.

Artists Collaboration

The universe has an infinite number of dimensions. They want to shift their eyes a little and look around at the artists.

Dark Matter Token

Your spatial fragments will eventually arrive from space, bringing Dark Matter tokens with them! Tokens will be utilized in voting, and participants will be able to collect the works with which they collaborated in the future.

Outer Space Exploration

They will attempt to enter deep space once all of these processes have been achieved. They are considering disclosing aspects not only in novels but in other mediums as well.

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