PolkaCity, the World’s First 3D & AR NFT Multichain Platform and Video Game

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PolkaCity is a one-of-a-kind entirely contract-based metaverse project that blends the metaverse of NFT, DeFi, and gaming.

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PolkaCity is a brand new contract-based NFT platform that lets you invest in virtual assets in the form of a virtual city. PolkaCity’s unique 3D&AR NFT platform, NFT Marketplace, and BSC-ETH Bridge have all been released. CertiK has audited every single one of these contracts.

PolkaCity is a contract-based virtual city that allows investors to earn from investments in petrol stations, buildings, hotels, and car washes, among other things. It creates a digital marketplace for investors by combining the DeFi, Polkadot, and NFT worlds.

PolkaCity is also developing a game in which navigating around a city will necessitate the use of an NFT. Investors will also be driving their Bugatti, PolkaCity Lambo NFT, and NFT taxis around the city in the game. For all types of investors, PolkaCity ensures a top-notch virtual investment experience. 

Project Roadmap

Q1 2021: Project Launch

They constructed the DeFi NFT Platform, completed the Private sale in less than a minute, and published the configurable 3D NFT assets during the project Launch Stage of Q1.

Q2 2021: More Services and Exchanges

They were able to list on many exchanges, create special edition NFTs, and begin the BSC integration for the PolkaCity token in Q2.

Q3 2021: Trading with Marketplace

In addition to listing on other exchanges, they developed its own PolkaCity Marketplace in Q3 where people may trade their assets. As a Tax Collector NFT asset, the PolkaCity Profit Sharing program was also introduced.

Q4 2021: 3D game release 

They plan to release the initial version of the PolkaCity 3D Game during this period; think of it as the GTA of cryptocurrency. At first, Discos and Art Galleries will be profitable. Others will soon follow. Games inside games will be able to supply inhabitants with new games to suit a range of interests in PolkaCity.

Q1 2022: More PC NFTs added

More PC NFTs will be introduced to the game, in addition to Discos and Art Galleries, and will begin to make revenues. PolkaCity will be surrounded by a new city with skyscrapers and new assets.

Q2 2022: New continent to be launched

In addition to a new continent, fresh in-game development tools enabling residents to make their own structures and NFTs will be included.

Project Tokenomics

PolkaCity has a native token with the symbol “POLC”. The token is BEP-20 and ERC-20 based, whereas the POLC assets are ERC-721 based. This coin may be used to pay transaction fees as well as buy products and services on the PolkaCity ecosystem.

Investors can invest in several chains in POLC and NFT assets because this is a multi-chain initiative. As long as you possess the assets, payments are made every week. Binance and Ethereum chains have recently been added to PolkaCity.

Tokenomics detail

Total Supply: 250,000,000 POLC

Token Sale: 10,000,000 POLC

  • Private sale: 2,500,000 POLC; at the price 1 ETH = 20,000 POLC
  • Pre sale: 7,500,000 POLC; at the price 1 ETH = 15,000 POLC

Uniswap Liquidity and Exchange listings: 25,000,000 POLC

Platform: 200,000,000 POLC

  • 50,000,000 POLC will be released from the beginning.
  • 150,000,000 locked and 25,000,000 released every 3 months.

Marketing: 5,000,000 POLC

  • 1,000,000 POLC will be released from the beginning.
  • 4,000,000 POLC will be locked and 5% to be released monthly. 

Team: 10,000,000 POLC

  • 6 months locks
  • 5% monthly released after the lock 


On the BSC and Ethereum chains, PolkaCity is bringing Metaverse to the next level. PolkaCity is a platform that replicates the fundamental logic of the actual world by carrying virtual activities with believable asset value and identity identification. Its core function is to serve as a platform for all virtual activities. Users can engage in social, entertainment, creation, display, education, trading, and other activities, all of which will have a little influence on the user’s output and lifestyle.

PolkaCity is a contract-based metaverse where you may invest in virtual cities totally on your own terms (3D&AR NFTs). PolkaCity’s virtual city metaverse game will be published in December, and a high-quality game demo has already been produced. Investors will be able to utilize their NFTs in their virtual city to own Lambo, Bugatti, hotels, and gas stations.

PolkaCity NFT Marketplace

The PolkaCity NFT marketplace is a wise investor’s dream come true. PolkaCity’s team combines the metaverse, DeFi, and NFT to incentivize the virtual city so that private investors may invest their money and earn passive income from hotels, disco clubs, taxi services, hotdog stands, and car washes, among other assets.

With the addition of the NFT ecosystem, investors and members of the community may rejoice, knowing that their money is working for them.

Open World/ Virtual City

PolkaCity is an online virtual environment where registered users may communicate with other players, install their acquired assets in the city, and show off their belongings to other people. Users now possess assets but need a visual depiction of them. The game will be a virtual world in which citizens of PolkaCity will be able to drive their cars around the city and use their restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and other NFTs.

The goal of establishing VirtualCity is to allow investors to invest and profit from their efforts without having to go through superfluous steps. Gas stations, taxi services, luxury hotels and suites, and critical services are among the assets that smart investors might invest in. PolkaCity’s team has effectively changed the gamified and virtual reality ecosystems by combining the power of DeFi, NFT, and Polkadot.

Learn More

Telegram Community: https://t.me/Polkacity

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/polkacity/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolkaCity?s=20

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gSbp3LRSPw&feature=emb_title&ab_channel=PolkaCity

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/qNjGnsD3e4

Medium: https://polkacity.medium.com/

Certik audit: https://www.certik.org/projects/polkacity

Others link: https://linktr.ee/Polka_City

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