Promising Trends Display Why it is the Right Time to get Hi Dollar

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Hi Dollar’s recent market trends are giving investors an urge to delve into their pockets, seeing its price jump almost 330% from its All Time Low in October. The coin, which traded at $0.267 on October 28, is now treading around the $1.17 mark.

The hi dollar ecosystem is a revolutionary not-for-profit, cross-ecosystem financial platform that provides a faster and more secure blockchain-backed banking process. Moreover, the financial entity executes services at a much lower cost.

The hi Dollar’s Potential As an Investment Option

Judging by hi Dollar’s trading activity, the token seems set for a bright future. For instance, over the last 30 days, the price of the hi Dollar increased by more than 300%. The price reached a new all-time high on November 13, hitting $1.42. The increase now puts the hi Dollar in price discovery, and the price may continue to increase in the coming months. Although hi Dollar’s price has declined from its ATH this month, its trend looks promising for investors who would like to jump in now.

Hi Dollar monthly token price courtesy of Ethplorer

We can put this unprecedented price hike down to a few reasons: Firstly, the hi Dollar is yet to be listed on major exchanges like Coinbase and Huobi, meaning potential investors can still get the token at an undervalued price. Given the bullish trend in the market, a more mainstream listing of $HI will probably see its value increase significantly.

Hi is a trailblazer in the movement towards decentralization, and the platform harbors hopes of being the first big Web 3.0 company. The project’s roadmap will see the company build a decentralized OS to power next-gen financial applications. With that level of ambition and vision, Hi feels like a great project to jump on.

Also, in the six months since its inception, the Hi platform has seen rapid growth in its membership base. The community now boasts of over 1.6 million users, with nearly 3.5 million visits to its website. Such high numbers of engagement can only mean growing investor confidence in the platform. Underpinning the whole project is a vastly experienced team numbering more than 100 people. And they are not resting on their laurels; the team is set to make significant announcements regarding the development of its blockchain, the hi Protocol, a move that will probably elicit a positive response from the Hi community.

Hi is also building partnerships with reputable organizations like MasterClass, making its products more attractive to potential investors. Finally, the product is full of utility, with a next-gen financial services app set to be soon available on iOS and Android.

The Price of the hi Dollar Will Rise

In the last 24H, the hi Dollar coin has seen an 8% rise and is now trading at $1.17. However, the currency has a 24H ATH of $1.20 and is currently facing a potential price retest at the $1.10 mark.

hi dollar 1
hi Dollar price trend in the last 24H, Source: Coinmarketcap

For such a young project, the hi Dollar keeps showing impressive resilience in the market, and the team behind it expects to see sizable growth in its value before the end of 2021. November has been great for the digital asset, seeing it stick above the $0.7 mark since November 1. Hi Dollar’s price currently leans on a support level between $1.15 and $1.165. If the coin surpasses its resistance level, which currently stands at $1.22, it may spell great times for hi Dollar investors looking forward to new ATH values.

The lowest price value that hi Dollar has recorded since hitting its ATH is $1.06, signaling that the coin could see greater times as the year comes to a close.

Is the hi Dollar Worth Buying?

There is so much that Hi has to offer. It is a secure and straightforward digital bank that earns you a generous passive income on digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The interest on the crypto can reach up to 40% APY and comes with the option of daily payouts. Below is a table of the rates hodlers can earn with Hi, with the proviso that the rates are subject to change.

hi dollar 3

Users of the app can also buy any amount of crypto using credit cards and send money instantly and securely, with no fees. And as if that is not enough, members of the Hi community stand to earn exclusive loyalty perks just for hodling their hi Dollars. Better still, members also get free hi Dollars for completing tasks like signing up, making referrals, and just engaging with the platform. Founded in early 2021 by former CMO Sean Rach and former CEO Stefan Rust, Hi’s mission is to become the most widely used mobile payment and financial services platform globally. Its services are accessible through a web app, a native mobile app, and social media and communication platforms like Whatsapp and Telegram. Therefore, if this analysis is anything to go by, the hi Dollar deserve

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