Sebastien Guillemot Joining Research DAO as Founding Member

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  • Sebastien Guillemot is joining the Research DAO founding team.
  • Charles Hoskinson shared the amazing news.

Recently, CTO and co-founder of dcSpark Sebastien Guillemot officially announced that he is joining blockchain-agnostic Research DAO as a founding member. Sebastien posted on Twitter to share this exciting news.

In addition, the CTO joined the team with Dionysis Zindros, a cryptography and blockchain post-doc researcher at Standford University. Besides, Zindros contributed impactful papers for Cardano and other well-known chains.

In fact, Charles Hoskinson retweeted Sebastien’s post:

Moreover, Research DAO is the research arm of the Harmony ecosystem. The mission of the project is to promote and fund theoretical and applied peer-reviewed research of excellent quality in the field of science.

Likewise, DAO promotes its goals by funding the development of research papers by researchers in the field. In addition, the conduction of experiments is required for taking measurements and collecting empirical data. At the same time the implementation of research directions in code to ascertain their viability.