ViralCoin’s “Fair Balanced Launch” Framework To Redefine DeFi Space

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  • ViralCoin’s “Fair Balanced Launch” structure set to redefine DeFi.
  • Its distribution model poses a new model of token pricing.
  • Also, the symbiosis with the USDC token in the Liquidity Pool makes ViralCoin more sustainable to the industry price fluctuations.

The blockchain is an ever-evolving space that has helped move technology further beyond what many envisioned. In a world of class division and institutional hegemony, the masses have been conditioned to accept the concept of power being divided among the selected few. 

The global pandemic amplified the division between the rich and the poor, so much that presently, the world is absorbed in a progressive struggle to reinstate the balance that was known to be. Given this, a team of experts emerged to form ViralCoin. According to them, the idea of the first Fair Launch in DeFi space could play a pivotal role during this crucial historical moment. 

ViralCoin Presents Fair Balanced Lunch as the Updated Model of Token Pricing

Despite its certain level of popularity, cryptocurrency remains unable to become mainstream. Mainly due to the insecurity token price is still high. This is a result of the residual effect that follows once the hype of the token is gone. 

The high volatility of the crypto market makes many investors’ anticipation and enthusiasm short-lived. Oftentimes, lots of assets fail to show the stable mechanism of value generation, hence, it becomes frustrating to investors who bet on the asset long-term.

As stated by the team, ViralCoin was the first project in DeFi to come up with the proposition of a Fair Balanced Launch. Accordingly, the Fair Balanced Launch’s distribution model prevails on maintaining a maximum asset price during the minting process, right until the point when the token attains the limit of its supply capacity.

To realize this mission, the team designed a ViralVault to ensure that the maximum price of the asset is kept intact, by keeping the Liquidity Pool balanced. Additionally, another vital element is the absence of pre-distribution. In detail, ViralCoin ensured that no early coin shares were split between developers or founders, which typically hinders the asset from keeping the price at a fair level.

ViralCoin Pioneers Fairness and Transparency for All

ViralCoin has also delivered to the broader vision of society’s growing wealth at large, apart from being dedicated to maintaining the price of a token high. Furthermore, to spread its vision for the open system available to all, it is no longer necessary to purchase the asset directly just to become a part of the large and fast-growing blockchain movement. Instead, it is possible to partake in the space-pioneering on-chain on-token referral system, which consists in sharing 1% of the total purchase with the address receiving the coins.

Not only that, ViralCoin guarantees proportionate reallocation of the 3% fee to all of its active holders. Moreover, ViralCoin is more sustainable to the industry price fluctuations as a result of the synergy with the USDC token in the Liquidity Pool. Over and above, the stability of its price, together with the wide availability of tokens, through swaps, and redistribution models, makes ViralCoin an appealing asset to hold on to for long-term investment.

One of the fundamentals the team behind ViralCoin seeks to uphold is transparency and fairness. A virtue that has long ceased to exist on account of the corrupt nature of modern financial institutions.