xHashtag Plans to Bring a Billion Users to the Blockchain World

xHashtag, a decentralized autonomous organization plans to bring a billion users to the blockchain world. Users could be from any part of the world provided an internet connection is available.


The basic requirement these users would invest in is time.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that disrupted activities of the world in 2020, labor markets have not been the same again. The immediate impact of the pandemic was severe: millions of people lost their jobs, while others rapidly adjusted to working from home as offices.


The impact further reduced the economic power of most nations as a number of well-paying jobs and industries folded up. Despite the abundance of internet facilities in the affected countries, most citizens could barely make ends meet. 

Although the global pandemic caused a lot of physical businesses to crumble, it set the tone for a new future of work. A future where digital platforms play a major role in shaping how work is executed.

xHashtag strongly believes in this concept. The project believes the digitization of work would upset traditionally established structures such as fixed work location, fixed work hours, and organizational hierarchies causing them to become redundant and obsolete.

To achieve this, the company is building a new type of marketplace for new types of jobs. Users from all parts of the world can come to xHashtag, complete simple tasks, and earn money. The system has been designed in such a way that a user can add a new task and have it reviewed. This way, the company ensures it remains scalable in terms of the type of work to be done.

“We expect to help at least 1000 Web3 projects in the next 3 years, and xHashtag could probably become a destination to earn full-time earnings for a lot of people and a platform with the decentralized liquid workforce that is available to any entrepreneur on-demand without any commitments” – said the CEO of xHashtag, Monica Durga.

How it works for users

First, a stream of tasks is given to eligible users. After the completion of the tasks, users can send them for review. Once reviewed by the DAO, the rewards are sent to the users’ wallets.

Key date for the xHashtag

An important thing to note is that the xHashtag IDO launched on November 26 -27 but the actual token, $XTAG, will start trading on November 30, on leading cryptocurrency exchanges including kucoin.com and gate.io.

Team of Advisors

Siddharth Menon – Founder of WazirX / Binance India.

Tamar 天马 Menteshashvili – ecosystem growth at Solana, former Binance & Coinmarketcap.

Carl Runefelt – YouTuber at TheMoon, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Consultant and Philanthropist. 

Shenoy Phalgun – Founder of PolkaMusic.io and cryptocurrency economist. 

About xHashtag

xHashtag is DAO for the #FutureOfWork that helps #Communities grow by engaging in #Play2Earn. It functions as a platform that connects individuals with Web3 projects, providing individuals with an earning opportunity for completing on-chain and off-chain microtasks and helping these projects to accelerate growth through cryptocurrency rewards.

The platform offers users a new paradigm of working, modeled on Liquid Micro Teams. This enables users from across the globe to participate in an array of on-chain and off-chain activities set by a campaign creator, usually a Web3 project.

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