Polygen Set To Hold Its IDO via Polygen, Trustpad, Polystarter, and Copper

  • Polygen is introducing its own IDO on their recently established decentralized launchpad .
  • It will also introduce Trustpad, Polystarter, and Copper.
  • Polygen‘s IDO will take place across three major platforms.

Polygen excitedly announces that it is introducing its own IDO on its newly established decentralized launchpad. The community-driven Launchpad is also instituting a Trustpad, Polystarter, and Copper.

The first truly decentralized Launchpad also discloses that they will carry out IDO’s across three major platforms. The first Polygen IDO (PGEN) is set to launch via their own platform, Polygen.

For investors, they will get the chance to check out the new KYC-only IDO process. Not only that, they can also actively participate in an innovative auction system. To show their commitment towards this project, Polygon assures investors that there will be No FCFS, No Whitelist, No Lottery, and No Whales.

From the aforementioned, it shows Polygen is championing a fresh approach to the sometimes restrictive approach taken by more traditional launchpads. Unlike Polygen’s new concept of IDO, most traditional launchpads only choose a few projects to launch each month through gatekeeper panels based on their rigid ROI criteria.

To emphasize more, those traditional launchpads are usually always focused on short-term gains or results. Thus, making a huge return multiple so as to meet the requirements of their short-term investor communities. Following this method, truly innovative projects might miss out on the opportunity to fundraise and showcase their project.

On the other hand, Polygen says their new system will not only provide a great opportunity for the rich but it will also offer a diverse community that’s primarily centered on the long-term success of initiatives, driven by innovation and achieving decentralization.

The event dates are as follow:

  • November 30th – Polystarter Whitelist Opens
  • December 5th – Trustpad Whitelist registration opens
  • December 6th – Polystarter Whitelist closes
  • December 6th – KYC closes for Polygen.
  • December 7th – Polygen IDO and Trustpad IDO
  • December 8th – Polystarter & Copper IDO.

How To participate in the Polystarter IDO

To take part in the triple IDO, users will be required to follow each launchpad’s guidelines and key processes separately. Here are the guidelines:

Follow Polystarter on Social channels on Twitter, Telegram for announcements, and check in regularly to our blog and website for more information. Next, visit https://app.polystarter.com/ on your web browser. Then, click on “Connect Wallet” on this page, but, ensure you are signed in to Polygon Network on Metamask.

In addition, create your account on Polystarter using your email and complete your KYC. Note that, it’s a one-time process and compulsory to participate in the Polystarter IDOs. Also, make sure that your wallet is pre-funded with a minimum of $250 USDC (Polygon chain).

Finally, after your KYC is verified and all other steps are completed, you will receive 200 PolyPower as an Airdrop. After the final step, visit the Pools section and select the IDO of your choice.

How To Participate in the Trustpad IDO

TrustPad IDOs happen on the BSC network and are mostly funded by BUSD. To elaborate, the levels start from 15k TPAD being staked in the IDO staking pool and go up to 185k TPAD. More so, there are also lower lottery levels which start from 3k TPAD. This gives participants a much higher chance of obtaining an allocation when compared to the public whitelist. For more information on how to participate in Trustpad IDO, please click here

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