Two-Year-Old Phemex Introduces SHIB, DYDX and FTM Spot Trading Pairs

Phemex, one of the globe’s most prominent crypto trading and investment platforms has further expanded its offering by listing three popular crypto assets. In its latest announcement, the platform stated that spot trading for Shiba Inu (SHIB), dYdX (DYDX) and Fantom (FTM) goes live on Nov 26, 2021.

The trio, SHIB, DYDX and FTM have enjoyed investor attention for most of this year as they registered attractive annual gains. By introducing SHIB/USDT, DYDX/USDT and FTM/USDT spot trading pairs, Phemex has made these sought-after tokens more accessible to its loyal trading community.

A Brief Intro of these New Assets

Shiba Inu, projected as the Dogecoin Killer is a prominent meme coin that has been leading the dog-themed meme coin wave. The ERC-20 token has built a strong community following, with lots of new and seasoned crypto investors buying into SHIB as the project ventures into new territories. The SHIB ecosystem is currently supported by its own ShibaSwap DEX, and recent announcements state that the project may soon enter the NFT space.

The governance token of dYdX — a decentralized layer-2 exchange and perpetual contracts trading platform — DYDX has recently been displaying a bullish outlook. Just a couple of months old, DYDX tokens enable holders to participate in staking, liquidity pools and governance of the dYdX ecosystem to earn attractive rewards. DYDX token holders are eligible to earn retroactive mining rewards, trading rewards based on their trade volumes on the DEX and LP rewards. By holding DYDX, users can enjoy discounted trading fees on the exchange.

FTM on the other hand is the native token of Fantom protocol. Created for DeFi applications, Fantom is a DAG consensus-based smart contracts platform that offers a cheaper and more efficient alternative to other widely used blockchain networks in the DeFi space. Created by a team led by South Korean computer scientist Dr. Ahn Byung Ik, Fantom solves the issues of scalability and high transaction fees, while maintaining complete decentralization.

Phemex Anniversary

The new asset listings coincide with Phemex’s 2nd-anniversary celebration. Having started on Nov 25, 2019, the two-year-old platform has gained over 2 million active users with more than $10 billion average daily trading volume in no time. To mark this milestone, Phemex has announced the #DreamWith Phemex campaign where Phemex will pick 10 lucky winners and make their dreams come true. To participate, users must submit their dreams on the campaign webpage.