Web3 To Boom With Hashed’s $200M Venture Fund II and New Partners

Source : coinquora.com

  • Hashed launches $200M Venture Fund II to facilitate the growth of Web3.
  • It also announced new partners.
  • Hashed has made more than 30 targeted investments since the launch of its venture arm.

The cryptocurrency space is experiencing a new wave of development with the birth of Web3 technology. Web3 is a way for these developers and investors to rebuild the web on a foundation of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Thereby, ushering in a new age of individual empowerment and entrepreneurial freedom for all.

Following the above statement, an investment firm that is set to revolutionize the users’ interactions with the next generation of the internet, such as NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, etc., Hashed is leveraging Web3 growth with Hashed Venture Fund II. Just one year after a successful $120 million Hashed Venture Fund I, in its continuous quest to revolutionize the internet, Hashed raised another $200M to support the blockchain ecosystem.

Being a leading investor since 2017, Hashed is committed to the development of the already rapidly growing Web3 technology. Not to mention, limited partners who joined the fund include some of the largest Korean IT companies, multi-discipline conglomerates, and globally renowned investment firms.

To further show its dedication to the progress of the project, Hashed promoted Sean Hong and Baek Kim, two long-time members of Hashed, as Partners. Presently, Sean Hong serves as the CFO at Hashed due to his compelling contributions towards overseeing investor relations as well as legal and financial affairs.

Whilst Baek Kim currently manages global investments at Hashed, having spearheaded investments in Metaverse and Web3. Notably, Kim has worked closely with portfolio companies such as Terra, Axie Infinity, Set Labs, dYdX, ZKSync, and others to strengthen Hashed’s ecosystem method in investments.

Hashed has made more than 30 targeted investments since the launch of its venture arm. To mention a few, some of the notable investments from Hashed Venture Fund I include dYdX, Recur, which raised a $50M round led by Mets. Other promising investments include Republic, NFTBank, and Chai, which Hashed co-invested with SoftBank Ventures.

Similarly, Hashed was an early investor in several major Asian tech giant-led projects like Kakao’s Klaytn and LINE Blockchain. Hashed was also an early investor in some of the major projects in the blockchain space, such as; Terra, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and many more. Simon Kim, CEO & Managing Partner of Hashed speaks on Hashed Venture Fund II.

As we take our second step in solidifying our position in the global blockchain and technology sector, we are excited that our team’s vision is coming into reality. Just a few years ago, people doubted whether we would be able to transition our offline experience to online, but now people no longer question the value of digital assets such as NFTs and related products to be used in the metaverse. This change in our perception indicates that we have been right, and we hope to further exercise our influence in bringing about the kind of future we have imagined that is inclusive and equitable for all.

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